I goofed, I'm pre-op, not post-op! Also, my date is Feb. 13, 04, not 03! Senility! Ha
I want to know all I can learn about bariatic surgery, and talk to anyone involved with it in any way. Well, it's now 11/23/03, and tomorrow, I finally go to meet Dr. Chua, my surgeon. I have severe arthritis in my hips, and pelvis, and have to take a special van with my wheelchair to go anywhere, and I've had some problems with that. I can't bend right to get into a car, I'm in constant pain, hopefully, the plan is to have my surgery, than have my hips replaced, I've already had both knees replaced. My hip doctor said after I lose 50 or 60 pounds, he'll do my hips. Hope all of this works, as it is just about my last hope! I'm 58 yrs. old, and have no time to lose! ha

So, will let you know what happens with my doctor, can't wait to hear which surgery he wants to do.

I have all of the ailments you get from being overweight for years. High blood pressure, diabetes, heartburn, and others. I had most of my right lung removed from cancer also, so I'm used to doctors. I don't know why I waited so long to do this. It will be so great to have a life, and be relatively pain free!! I get so upset when I see all of these overweight kids now, wish I could tell all of them what they have to look forward to!

I thought I could get through this whole thing on Medicaid, that pays for EVERYTHING, but our situation has changed, my husband was approved for disability because of severe arthritis in his back, so that upped our income, and they kicked me off Medicaid. I'm on disability too, so they put me back on medicare, and I had to get an insurance supplement to help pay for things. They will accept me if it's a medical necessity, I think I qualify! ha

Thank you all for your support, you've all been a Godsend. Expecially my special friend Amy Slack. She had the surgery last December, and has lost over 160 pounds! She's doing great, and told me about this website. Praise God! Will let you all know what happens!
So..12/10/03, my surgery date is February 13,-03. Can't wait. Will have tests two weeks before, then one more visit to Dr. Chua, then the big day! I am having the adjustable lap-band. I'm confident it will go just fine, then I can have my hips replaced, and start a whole new life!!!! Will keep you informed. You're all so great!



Well, this space is for my story, so here we go! I was of normal weight, until I became prego, and was toxic. The weight never left me, after that! Over the years, and two failed marriages, I gained, and added to that! I finally hit 290, and had a ton of co-morbidities! HBP, Reflux, High cholesterol, diabetes, and started developing a lot of bad illnesses! I first had 3 cataract surgeries, very young, then had lung cancer, and my right lung out, THEN, a breast infection, and of course, two knee replacements, and then two hip replacements, and a deadly infection in my last hip done! Also, a repair on one knee! So, 10 surgeries in 8 years~! My DH, Michael helped me through all of this, and I had noticed something not right with him, after our first year of marriage, in 1993. It took ME almost 10 years to get him to go to a doctor, and he was diagnosed w/Dementia! So.....his dad just died of it, and his younger brother has it, also! I'd like to say, it has been fun, BUT!!!!!!(153, 255, 255);">Now, I'm doing fine, (knock on all the wood I can find), and have lost weight, with my wonderful band, to the point of going from 290, to 149. 141lbs, gone! Now, it's my turn to take care of Michael, AND my Mother, who is now in a home close to us. This is God's plan for me! All of my fantastic friends on OH, have helped me through a lot of this, also! I've missed them terribly, and hope to be on the board a lot more, with winter coming on. I have one son, Rob, a beautiful DIL, a love, little Joey, who will be 2 next month, and Andy who will arrive in early Dec. I am truly blessed, and hope I can be of some help to my wonderful family online! Well, that is my story..........





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