Changing Feelings

Jun 25, 2010

 It's been 2 days since I received news that IMR reversed my insurance company's denial of the Sleeve. I'd planned to attend a mixer tonight, but I don't want to go. The reason is that I feel really self-conscious about my weight. Even at my heaviest, I didn't feel the way I do now. I have never been in denial about my weight, my size, or anything like that. I've never felt bad about myself although I've felt like a failure when each diet attempt failed. I've hated not being able to find cute shoes wide enough to fit my size 6 feet and I've been frustrated at not finding cute clothes too. But I have never felt this way about myself and I'm not used to it. All I want to do is stay indoors until August 5th, surgery date.

What the heck am I supposed to do to get over this?

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