Went to Aqufit today!!

Mar 08, 2010

Hi all,
I am just loving this weather!!!  Keri ( my dog ) and I went for a walk yesterday.  I put on my head phones and listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer on changing my thoughts and walked and walked.  I plan to do it again today, after I finish this.
Today we went to aquafit for the first time in years.  Was it ever a blast.  I'm going again on Wed.  I'm going with my StepMom. So that's fun.  Does it ever give you energy and I think will help my back.  It has been hurting again but I find that the aquafit does really work those muscles.
I am also uploading a new picture of me.  I have lost 7 inches on my waist.  wow.

WOW two days in a row!

Feb 24, 2010

I crossed my legs yesterday!  I was at the Bariatric Clinic in Guelph, had my one month visit with the Surgeon, and I was talking to a really nice lady from New Liskard, ON and just crossed my legs.....oh my goodness I almost cried.  Such a wow moment for me. 

Dr. Perrin Hong is very happy with my progress and doens't want to see me for 6 months.  She did start me on a chewable multi-vitamin and some chewable D.  We checked my level of Vit D in my system from before the surgery and it was very low.  No wonder I didn't have any energy!

I went and had blood drawn today for my G.P. I see him next Tues. and we will review my meds, hydro morphone, and effexor, and see if I need any of the others back eg. cholesterol, uric acid in my knees, omega 3.....all I can think of right now.

Today I started soft foods.  I've had an egg, done in the microwave, with some salsa on top, some of the Kashi cereal ( I got my free pack today) , and some chicken and rice.  Everything is sitting well.

I have been doing my own laundry now.  Up and down the stairs with a basket!!  I don't feel winded and my back isn't too bad.  I have  a lot more energy that is for sure.

Well all I can think of for now.  Take care all!!

Not a very good blogger....lol

Feb 21, 2010

So It's been over 3 1/2 weeks since surgery, and I think I am doing quite well.  We have had problems with getting the right dose of pain medsbut that is to be expected when I have been 150 mgs of morphine for over 10 years.  Not quite right yet but we'll get there.
I have found the last 4 days that I am taking more and the muscles in my lower back, glutes and down my legs are really hurting.  Not good as I want to get out and do more walking!  Especially on a beautiful day like today!!  3 degrees and sunshine.
I have made it through the clear fluids, ( I never want to see chicken broth again!) and almost through the full fluids.  (Don't mind them at all especially when I made my own cream soups)  I cheated a little with the clear fluids I started having some really runny cream of wheat a couple of days early.  My body wanted more!!  and on full fluids I have been having some cottage cheese that is either put through the bullet or chewed to maseration!  
I found out that my scale in the bathroom is out about 10 pounds!!  Talk about discouraging!!  I thought I was 241lbs and when I went to the clinic for a check up found out I was 250lbs!!  oh well Audrey was quite pleased  as I started out at the clinic at 278.  23 lbs is just fine for 3 1/2 weeks.  I have to stop being impatient!!
I go and see Dr. P. Hong tomorrow and I'm sure she will be quite happy too!  Then to see my GP next tuesday to see what my blood work says.
I have lost inches!!  5 gone from my waist!!  So if we can get the pain under control again, I will be a very happy camper....lol   Never satisfied eh?? 
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Ready to go!

Jan 13, 2010

Hi All,
I was at the Guelph General having my last tests done.  Saw Dr. Roafaeel, Nancy (great nurse)! had blood drawn, chest x ray, ekg. and I am now ready for surgery on the 27th. They all seem to be wonderful people at the General.  I also met a lady while I was waiting who is going in for the same surgery on the 25th.  I told her about your website I hope she comes on.
I started my Optifast today.  I woke at 11am so I had a choc. then.  I got back from Guelph at 4 so I had a vanilla with crystal lite banana, mango, strawberry flavour.  It was great with water and ice.  I had my next choc. with ice at 8pm. and just finished my 12am one now, I wanted choc. again.  So I'm a vanilla up. Want to have two of each, each day.
I get pain shots at Cambridge Memorial for my back problems, and I told Dr. Roafeeal abou this today.  I have an appointment booked for the day before surgery and He was concerned about the product they were using in my back.  I was not sure what it is called, so He was sending for a copy of my files from CMH. 
THIS IS HOW GOOD DR. PEREIRA-HONG IS!!!!!!!!  She called me at home tonight to discuss this situation. We made a decision together and then she also asked if I had anymore questions.  She also told me that all the tests I had today were coming back fine.  Ok, what everyone says is true about this lady, she is Fantastic.  You want her as your best friend.  I have no qualms about the surgery.  But one thing I was asked twice today if I had a form filled out about power of attorny privlages if anything should happen.  It's making me think.  I think tomorrow I;m going to look into this.  You can never be too careful.

Jan 5/10

Jan 05, 2010

I got another call today from my surgeons office today, I have another appointment with the anesthesiatist on Jan 13. The day I start the Optifast. I have asthma so Dr. Hong wants me to be checked out. I have had both flu shots and I am trying to stay away from sick people. I certainly do not want to be sick on the day of surgery!

Got my surgery date!

Jan 04, 2010

Hi, well I got the call from the surgeons office today.  I go for surgery on Jan 27th.  So, that means I start the Opt fast on the 13th.  Yeah.....
I should be getting home from the hospital on my 46th birthday. Two days in hospital, they say.

Went to Mom's today.

Jan 03, 2010

I went up to my Mom's today.  It is in Hanover, and of course when we arrived there was food ready to eat.  It was 2:00pm!!!  We sat and ate and I did very well.  I had some roast, carrots and potatoes.  Nothing else.  She had coleslaw, cake, apple crisp and kept shoving the food at me.  Talk about good practice.  I was so proud of myself.  When other people came she pulled the food out again. 2 hours later.  Aunt Merla brought her tray of sweets!!  I did not have any!!  Yeah me. 

I should hear from the surgeons office tomorrow to find out when my surgery is schedualled.....Yeah!

About me

Dec 30, 2009

Hi, my name is Sharon and I also am starting this journey.  I have been heavy since my pregnancies.  My son was 10lbs and 2 feet long.  My daughter came early and she was born 18 months later at 8 lbs 21 inches long.  When the were young I did lose 85 lbs doing the diabetic diet through the hospital.  I have worked most of my adult life and looked after the kids.  I did not look after myself.  So I am now paying for it. 

I am having my bypass surgery in January.  I have had all my pre tests and seen the nurse, dietitan,soicial worker and surgeon.  My doctor is Dr. Hahn ( not sure on spelling)  She is in Dr. Ken Reeds office in Guelph.  They are all very nice there.

I have received my  Opti fast and from reading other posts maybe I should have gotten all Chocolate......lol

I hope to meet many friends here and I know I will need the support.  I live with my daughter in Kitchener.  She is not here much of the time as she is 22 now and just sleeps here.....lol  Oh she also ate here, but now will be looking for better meals. 

I will do my best to post every day.  If you're reading please say Hi!

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