WOW two days in a row!

Feb 24, 2010

I crossed my legs yesterday!  I was at the Bariatric Clinic in Guelph, had my one month visit with the Surgeon, and I was talking to a really nice lady from New Liskard, ON and just crossed my legs.....oh my goodness I almost cried.  Such a wow moment for me. 

Dr. Perrin Hong is very happy with my progress and doens't want to see me for 6 months.  She did start me on a chewable multi-vitamin and some chewable D.  We checked my level of Vit D in my system from before the surgery and it was very low.  No wonder I didn't have any energy!

I went and had blood drawn today for my G.P. I see him next Tues. and we will review my meds, hydro morphone, and effexor, and see if I need any of the others back eg. cholesterol, uric acid in my knees, omega 3.....all I can think of right now.

Today I started soft foods.  I've had an egg, done in the microwave, with some salsa on top, some of the Kashi cereal ( I got my free pack today) , and some chicken and rice.  Everything is sitting well.

I have been doing my own laundry now.  Up and down the stairs with a basket!!  I don't feel winded and my back isn't too bad.  I have  a lot more energy that is for sure.

Well all I can think of for now.  Take care all!!


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