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Feb 21, 2010

So It's been over 3 1/2 weeks since surgery, and I think I am doing quite well.  We have had problems with getting the right dose of pain medsbut that is to be expected when I have been 150 mgs of morphine for over 10 years.  Not quite right yet but we'll get there.
I have found the last 4 days that I am taking more and the muscles in my lower back, glutes and down my legs are really hurting.  Not good as I want to get out and do more walking!  Especially on a beautiful day like today!!  3 degrees and sunshine.
I have made it through the clear fluids, ( I never want to see chicken broth again!) and almost through the full fluids.  (Don't mind them at all especially when I made my own cream soups)  I cheated a little with the clear fluids I started having some really runny cream of wheat a couple of days early.  My body wanted more!!  and on full fluids I have been having some cottage cheese that is either put through the bullet or chewed to maseration!  
I found out that my scale in the bathroom is out about 10 pounds!!  Talk about discouraging!!  I thought I was 241lbs and when I went to the clinic for a check up found out I was 250lbs!!  oh well Audrey was quite pleased  as I started out at the clinic at 278.  23 lbs is just fine for 3 1/2 weeks.  I have to stop being impatient!!
I go and see Dr. P. Hong tomorrow and I'm sure she will be quite happy too!  Then to see my GP next tuesday to see what my blood work says.
I have lost inches!!  5 gone from my waist!!  So if we can get the pain under control again, I will be a very happy   Never satisfied eh?? 

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