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Jan 13, 2010

Hi All,
I was at the Guelph General having my last tests done.  Saw Dr. Roafaeel, Nancy (great nurse)! had blood drawn, chest x ray, ekg. and I am now ready for surgery on the 27th. They all seem to be wonderful people at the General.  I also met a lady while I was waiting who is going in for the same surgery on the 25th.  I told her about your website I hope she comes on.
I started my Optifast today.  I woke at 11am so I had a choc. then.  I got back from Guelph at 4 so I had a vanilla with crystal lite banana, mango, strawberry flavour.  It was great with water and ice.  I had my next choc. with ice at 8pm. and just finished my 12am one now, I wanted choc. again.  So I'm a vanilla up. Want to have two of each, each day.
I get pain shots at Cambridge Memorial for my back problems, and I told Dr. Roafeeal abou this today.  I have an appointment booked for the day before surgery and He was concerned about the product they were using in my back.  I was not sure what it is called, so He was sending for a copy of my files from CMH. 
THIS IS HOW GOOD DR. PEREIRA-HONG IS!!!!!!!!  She called me at home tonight to discuss this situation. We made a decision together and then she also asked if I had anymore questions.  She also told me that all the tests I had today were coming back fine.  Ok, what everyone says is true about this lady, she is Fantastic.  You want her as your best friend.  I have no qualms about the surgery.  But one thing I was asked twice today if I had a form filled out about power of attorny privlages if anything should happen.  It's making me think.  I think tomorrow I;m going to look into this.  You can never be too careful.


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