18 Yr Follow Up

Nov 13, 2023

October 24, 2023 was my 18 year Anniversary!!!! I seriously can't believe it....or that I actually remembered this password to this site!!! I haven't posted in a long time but here it goes.....

After 18 years, I am still THANKFUL for having had this surgery.

I had maintained my 125lb loss for about 10 yrs but in 2013 I found out that I had "Degenerative Disk Disease" and ended up having to have a back fusion, with plates n pins. I had some issues, and had no use of my right leg for 3 months....had to learn to walk again. Then in early 2020, I had a Cervical Disk replacement. The spine issues (constant pain) and lack of gym took its toll.... I gained some weight and was utterly miserable.

I ended up going VEGAN in 2020 and lost all the additional weight I had gained ..... 65lbs!!!! I am BACK..... I got back into my size 27" waist jeans, typically size 4-6 and thrilled with the results. 

It amazes me that in all the years I had gone to doctors for weight related issues, not one ever suggested going vegan as an option.....NOT ONE!!!  To be fair, at the time, I wouldn't have been in the right frame of mind to have truly seen that for the "healthy cure" it would have been but it was never even brought up. 

As a society, I think we need to get back to our "roots" and begin utilizing the natural healing options Mother Nature has provided for us. Obviously, there is a time n place for medical intervention but if we were living a more "natural" lifestyle (less stress, processed foods, plastics, chemicals, additives, sugars, etc) then we wouldn't need as much "medical intervention" as we do now. But sick people are much, much more lucrative than healthy people, so that will never change unless we take our own health into our own hands. Anyway, just my 2cents. 

Best of luck on your journey! You can totally do this!!!!


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