Wow time flies

Mar 20, 2010

I can't believe how long it has been since I have been here.  Wow,  You guys helped me so much.  Life is so different now.  Being smaller is so funny.  I still feel fat.  I wear a 4 or 6 but I still feel fat.  In my head I know it is not possible to wear that size and be fat but in my head I am fat.  Make sence to you?  I feel flat chested I know that.   I use to have great big knockers.  I was sitting one day at the campground along the highway and I thought boy I use to be able to stop traffic if I were to flash those things.  NO I never did it but I would have stopped traffic.  Now all I would do is make em laugh.  I am gonna buy me some.  I am telling you. I am.  He he.....

OK anyone else out there tired of anything that goes wrong you stub your big toe and the first thing they say is.  Well, she had that surgery.  I am so fed up with it. Now a lady at church who had ds surgery 20 years ago is having problems so they are watching me to see when I am gonna kick the bucket.  It makes it worse because I come from a chubby family so they like me better chubby.  I didn't do this surgery to be sexy I did it so I would feel better.  So warning to people getting ready to have surgery it will happen.  I think some is jealousy. 

I had my surgery 3 years ago and If I would kick the bucket today I would still be glad I had it.  It is so much fun to shop, cross your lets, wear tiny clothes.  People treat you better.  They treat you so bad when you are chubby.   Not fair it is our society.    

I don't flaut that I
  am smaller now and I know how hard it is to lose weight so I don't make fun of others who are trying.  This was the route God told me to take and I did it with much research.  One thing they did find it my stomach that is suppose to b completely seperated from my pouch is not so.......  I have a chance of weight gain.  let me tell you I watch.  I watch everything I eat.  .

Enough on me how are you.


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