Jan 18, 2012

 It looks like I have disappeared.  Shame on me.  I had all these wonderful ambitions of being a cheerleader for life after surgery.  Then life happened.  I would never change what I have done.  I have maintained at 122.  I have puked in the toilet for having too much sugar.  Oh that makes me so made at people when that happens.  I think "and they say this is the easy way out".  I know I have changed.  You are bound to change.  Believe it or not I still look in the mirror and see that fat Brenda.  I still look fat.  I did develop an ulcer and weighed 103 and still thought I was fat.  I had a tummy tuck.  My insurance covered it because of rashes.  I still have lost family memeber because of the surgery.  It is so sad..  I don't understand.   People think I think I am all that. NOPE, wrong.  I still see fat.  Sounds dumb doesn't it.  So be prepared.  Have a cheerleader that doesn't get tired of saying you are not fat or you will become anorexic.
My main thing I have to tell you is take your measurements and PICTURES.  Pictures ever month after your surgery.  You can actually see where you have been.  It does help when I am having a fat day.  Looking at a photo.  I have also kept one fat outfit.  The one from my first day of surgery picture.  It helps.  You have  had surgery that changes your body it did not change your body image.  I had a terrible body image and still do.  I don't get on often but please email me at [email protected]

You can do it.

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