May 21, 2009

well its been a year and what a year it has been.I have gone from 106.9kg to 66.7 kg.!!!! a wopping 40.2 kg.
I look back at the last year and except for the odd bad month, especially 11 mths out, it overall has been wonderful.
I still pinch my self often to make sure it is all real, am i that much slimmer! I cannot rave enough about wls and i will be forever grateful to my wonderful surgeon and support of my fellow sleevers and friends. Being "Normal" for the first time in over 20 years is a gift.Not only do i physically look better, my health and lifestyle is fantastic.
I am more confident and shopping has become a new passion.It really is so nice to be able to buy clothes, not because they fit , but because they look good.
I really wish all obese people could have this opportunity to experience what ia m experiencing.Unfortunately it dosnt matter how lovely and beautiful on the inside you are, people dont see past the layers of fat.I know that is a poor sad thing to say, but it is true. I have experienced both sides now and people definately treat you better when you are skinnier.What a sad society  we sometimes live in!!
Any way i am a new me and life will be wonderful. I know i will always have to be careful with my diet and will need to remember to live by the sleeve guidelines, a very small price to pay for the benefits .My goals now for the next year are to try and loose a few more kg.I Would really love to be between 60-65 kg this time next year.I am also going to try to get more regular with exercise  and tone p more as it is a constant struggle for me.
 May you all be as successful as me in your own journeys and for people considering doing VSG do it.You will never look back


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