fallen down

Aug 24, 2010

It has been 2.5 years and i am writting this blog to try and get myself back on track
In the last 8 mths i have gained 5.4 kg!!God it sounds so bad when i say that and i feel awful.I feel fat, grotesque ugly and extremely disappointed in my self.
Two things occured at the start of the year which changed my eating and have made me fail.firstly i went on hormone therapy.I was advised that i could gain up to 4kg!! ACHIEVED and then some.Secondly i totally went off the eating guidelines!!BIG MISTAKE.Gone was healthy snacks and protein, instead i became obsessed with carbs and lollies.As for exwercise, non existant.
I have spent 2 mths now feeling bad and self loathing.but a friend and my husband both pointed out id gained pounds, HORRIBLE
So as of today im im a strict diet of how i should be eating. i have gone back to protein meal replacements to help out.
Hopefully i will loos ethe weight quickly and regain my self esteem.
I definately loved the the new skinny me and i want that back


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