Three weeks Post Surgery

Nov 20, 2012

I did it! The surgery went well except for severe nausea from all the meds. My system does not handle all those drugs very well. Once I stopped taking the pain meds, I started t feel better.  I have lost 25 lbs so far and was quite surprised at how easily the weight was dropping right after the surgery. But once I started stage 3, the weight loss started to slow down a bit.  This is just the beginning and I have a lot of work to do. I only go sick once from trying to eat too much shrimp. I still have to desire or bad habit of wanting to snack even if I'm not hungry. I this is going to be my biggest challenge to break away from that. But for the most part, I feel pretty good and looking forward to doing what ever it takes to meet my goal weight. I'm at 241 today so my first goal is to see 200 on the scale.


Finally going through with it!

Oct 13, 2012

Hi there. I was on this site over three years ago! time sure flies! I has to postpone having surgery because of a slipped disc in my neck that was damaging nerves on the right side of my body. I ended having surgury to have the disc removed and now have a metal plate and screws in my neck. I have some numbness from the nerve damage but fully functional on my right side. THANK YOU GOD!!
Since I've been gone, my weight shot up to 273 and now I'm back down to 254. Glad to be headed in the right direction. Now I am back on this journey, except this time in SSF instead of Fremont, met my goal weight and scheduled to have surgery on 10/29/12.

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Sep 29, 2008

...........waiting!!! Kaiser is sloooow...geez!
If I am not too busy at work (right!)    I am going to call and push for a consult date. 

I have gotten much better with my eating habits. STOPPED the fast food eating on the run habit.  I am cooking alot more and preparing my meals ahead of time.  I still  slip from time to time ( beer and pizza on the weekend) Dammit...I love beer and pizza .LOL!!!  but at least I've gotten better. I have cut WAY back on sugar and bread.  I have been experimenting with protein drinks and bars trying different kinds and far I like the  vanilla powered protein drink because you mix so many different flavors , strawberry, banana, coconut, pineapple...yum!  The one bars I like so far are Atkins, but will keep trying new ones now that I am regular at Trader Joe'sand Whole Foods.

I have noticed that drinking the protein drinks really reduces my appetite. Sh** ..why didn't l figure this out sooner.  lol!

Exercise is a little slow going..I have parked farther away at work and take the stairs instead of the elevators...I am so out of shape I lose my breath
sometimes. I remember back in the day, I could be on the go all the time without getting tired but not! I won't give up though, got to keep going.


Fremont Orientation

Sep 14, 2008

I went to my orientation today and learned quite a bit. Dr Hahn was the conducted the first part of the class. He was great, he really knows his stuff. He put a lot of emphasis on the fact that this surgery is just a tool to help us reach our goal, but we have to be mentally and emotionally ready to do our part as well, in order to be successful. 

 I was surprised that he is not a big fan of the lapband at all. He said a lot of his patients are not having the success that his gastro bypass patients are having. I have always wanted that gastric bypass surgery so I was glad to hear I made the right choice.

This handbook will be great to have on hand to refer to, there is information about the surgery, nutrition, dieting, support groups ect.. I am going to start the pre-op diet..(Wish me luck on that one)  lol!

He did say that surgery could be 6 months out, but in the same breath said "those that have met their goal weight, as well as completed all the requirements (phych appt, attend a support class ect), will have surgery much sooner. " So what I heard is .....It's up to me!

The nutritionist was also great, I think her name was Valerie. She talked about portions and knowing how to count your calories. She talked about the importance of vitamins and protien intake for us. It's important to start new habits early, long before the surgery. Not only will you be healthier for the surgery but it will be a smoother transition if you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this change.

I think my biggest challenge will be getting enough exercise since my joints hurt and I feel tired often. Maybe these multivitamins and protien with help with that.

Well, I am one step closer.. the next step is to meet with the surgeons and the staff..

Oh yeah..when they weighed me, I had lost four pounds since I weighed in three weeks ago at the doctors. It's not much but I am just glad it's down rather then up..


Orientation scheduled

Aug 23, 2008

 Wow!  Things are moving...I just received a letter informing me that I am scheduled for the Bariatric orientation on Sept. 30th, 2008 at Kaiser in SSF.  I am a little confused because I thought I was referred to Fremont. Does anyone know if the orientation for the program is always at SSF but the surgery can still be in Fremont? I don't want to cancel because I don't want to cause any delays, but since I live in Milpitas(next door to Fremont) and I have Family in Fremont it will be easier for me. I will call next week get the facts.

- I went to a party with all my closest girlfriends and started breaking the news to them about my decision to have the surgery in conversation one at a time.  All of them gave me lots of positive support, they told me to go for it and they would there to help me through it. FELT GOOD!

08-27-2008 I called Kaiser today and they transferred me to Fremont with no problems. My orientation is even sooner..September 14th, 2008 on a Sunday. That's only three weeks away.

Got the PCP referrel

Aug 17, 2008

My PCP sent in the referral..she is a great lady.. I sat there with her while she sent it in. :)  Now I am starting a a diet and waiting for that call....

Overview Class 8/12/2008

Aug 12, 2008

I went to the Gastric bypass overview class my PCP reccommended I attend. The class had about 12 to 14 people. We met with a nutritionist and a health educator,they cover ed the basics and answered lots of questions. One of the websites they recommend is this one..:)
Tomorrow, I meet with my PCP to get the referral. The gal I befriended in the health ed dept. said she will try to set the appt with the nutritoinist asap, but the shrink appt can take a while...

Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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