Sep 29, 2008

...........waiting!!! Kaiser is sloooow...geez!
If I am not too busy at work (right!)    I am going to call and push for a consult date. 

I have gotten much better with my eating habits. STOPPED the fast food eating on the run habit.  I am cooking alot more and preparing my meals ahead of time.  I still  slip from time to time ( beer and pizza on the weekend) Dammit...I love beer and pizza .LOL!!!  but at least I've gotten better. I have cut WAY back on sugar and bread.  I have been experimenting with protein drinks and bars trying different kinds and flavors.so far I like the  vanilla powered protein drink because you mix so many different flavors , strawberry, banana, coconut, pineapple...yum!  The one bars I like so far are Atkins, but will keep trying new ones now that I am regular at Trader Joe'sand Whole Foods.

I have noticed that drinking the protein drinks really reduces my appetite. Sh** ..why didn't l figure this out sooner.  lol!

Exercise is a little slow going..I have parked farther away at work and take the stairs instead of the elevators...I am so out of shape I lose my breath
sometimes. I remember back in the day, I could be on the go all the time without getting tired but not now..lol! I won't give up though, got to keep going.


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