My journey started in 2001 when at 315lbs my "everything ached ". I couldn't breath and walk at the same time, I was at my heaviest and the final straw came when I went into a Fashion Bug store to buy a pair of jeans (because I lived in sweats for years ) and the only size that fit me was a 32 p!us size ! I was at the end of living and wanted iit to be over, but then a friend told me about" gastric bypass surgery. " What's that was my first question? When she explained it and what it could do , I immediately knew this was my last hope (now 13 years later today 8/9/2016 my husband had the surgery too ). I researched, asked questions, found a doctor and never looked back ! That was 13 yrs and 115 lbs ago (what I've kept off ) and I'd do it all over again. I had a Roux En Y done in Philadelphia, Pa by Dr.Noel Williams at The University Of Pennsylvania Hospital (Jan 2003). He gave me my life back and I'd thank him again after 13 years !! Nothing tastes as good as being slimmer feels !!!



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