4 Months Out and Still Going

Nov 06, 2022

I cannot believe that's it's already been 4 months since I was "reborn". I'm down now from 233lbs to 188lbs at this point, wearing a size 16 from a 22 and feeling a lot better health wise. Then comes the "con" of things and yes there is a downside to the new life.

The first would be "not wanting to eat anything because nothing is exciting anymore" and yes I mean this ...nothing taste like a WOW anymore. To me now eating is just a pain in the butt, now I have to eat food 5-6 times a day. It's more of a job than a pleasure anymore.

The second con is that I don't see myself as different even though the scale is telling me that I'm different now. It would be great if I could see Brenda as a size 16 woman but my eye's can only see the old me. Looking in the mirror I see a slight change but nothing like the scale is reflecting.

There's time that I ask myself "what the hell have you done to yourself", now don't get me wrong because I chose to do this and I thank God that I did it (and I really don't miss food that much).  I think it's seeing it all now out of a 63 year olds set of eye's. I can't run, walking is difficult because of the aches and pain on my body(the doctor told me that my body is recalculating to adjust to the weight loss), not to mention that I have fibromyalgia to deal with too. I'm just feeling more pain than I can remember in a long time. Reading this has enlightened me to why I'm feeling weird about the change, it's letting me know how bad my body really was before the surgery! 


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