Jun 26, 2009

Well it is summer. and I am not disapointed in my results from this life change.  I am holding at 147 and 150 on a weekly basis.  I would be lying if I didn't say that I would love to be at 135 to 140.  But, where I am at is a whole lot better than the 265 pounds that I used to be.  Just for the heck of it the other day I was shopping in Kohls and decided to take a pair of pants in the fitting room to try on in the size I used to wear, a 22.  Wholly moly. what a shocker!  I was able to get my entir body into one pant leg.  So, when I am having those "fat feeling" days. I will think about those pants and the unbelievable transformation that I have been through and then not feel fat.
Do we ever not feel fat anymore?  I think that it is something that will live in my head for ever and ever.  I am thi nking of going to some counseling regarding that. I think that I have some unresolved issues with my past and I am afraid that they will creep back to the surface and start me on a path of destruction. I didn't go through this surgery to go backwards!  So onwards I go.
I am trying to come to terms that I may be at the size I am meant to be, and that having a 135 goal may not be feasable for me. 
I hope that all are doing well and keep doing well.


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