Full Liquid Diet

Nov 02, 2015

Hello All!

I started my 2-week, full-liquid diet on October 29th. I am down 9 pounds as of 11/2/15. Technically 9 more days to go before surgery! I'm still really excited about everything that is happening although this liquid diet is a lot tougher than expected. I'm trying to get as much protein as I can but everything that I'm taking in is actually making me gag. The only thing I've found so far that works is Jello, really well blended and strained brocolli and cheese soup, and a couple cream soups that have been strained. Oh! I've also gotten a few bisques and pureed soups. I cannot have anything with tomato in it, or citrus things, other than that it's normal full-liquid retrictions. I can't even make myself eat/drink the broth because everything tastes like sweat to me. I'm not sure if it's a mind over matter situation or not. I can drink Atkins RTD protien drinks and I've gotten down a few of the kool-aid looking isopure RTD drinks but I'm not sure what else I can come up with. Does anyone have any recipies that they used before their surgery that might help? Thanks in advance!

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