Revision Surgery

Sep 16, 2018

Hey everyone i haven't been on here is a few years well let me start by saying i i ended up after 9 years gaining the weight back here's what happened so i ended up getting a city job with tranisit here in nyc and started working the night shift and forcing myself to do nothing but sleep during the days in order to make sure i could adjust and the weight krept up in a matter on 1 year my weight went from 150-160 to 226 and then i had a life altering event happen  and went into depression afterward i sort help and started working out and started seeing my pcp and nutrionist and started to try and get this weight off with diet excerise and rx prescribed drugs and it worked for a bit and i lost a few lbs but not enough to make myself mind and body happy so i made a appointment and spoke with my surgeon and thats when i found out im not the only one who has gone thur something like this so we started exploring revision surgery and this was 7 months ago approval wasnt hard as i had supporting infomation as to my trials with trying to lose weight on file with my dr's and specialists and was approved quickly i had surgery on 9/13/18 and was up and walking in a just a few hours after surgery it was done with the same surgeon who performed the 1st one both were done laparscopic 1st was a RNY Gastric Bypass i weighed 276 day of surgery lowest weight 150 and the 2nd is called a Distal Gastric Bypass i weighed 244 the day of surgery it's been 3 days since surgery 2 of which i wasn't allowed to eat until my surgeon gave the ok and so far im down 4lbs and on clear liquids for the next few days .....

im glad to be back on here and hope my journey helps someone as i will continue bloging the good the bad and the ugly 


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