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Dec 31, 2012

December 31st, 2012

The spiral thigh lift is what I had done with Dr Agha. It is nice that I don't have a scar on my inner thigh down to the knee. When I had the thigh lift done it was in conjunction with a lower body lift and tummy tuck. I also had a breast lift and implants.

At a later time I had a face lift performed (about 5 months later)

Dr. Agha definitely made my shape look great ect. However, I have experienced consequences. they are:

Loss of nipple sensation, wrong size breasts, lymph edema and how to say this my VJ does gape open somewhat and scars from my facelift.

the VJ issue is, I believe, related to the spiral thigh lift. I have scars on the upper inner thigh (groin area), I think they play a role by pulling my skin down, so my VJ is open somewhat, not too bad, but enough that it is noticeable/annoying.

Loss of nipple sensation was immediately noticed after the breast lift (I had implants done 5 months later). Dr. Agha refused to admit that it was his surgical skills. he told me I must not have had sensation before. Of course I know that was not true.  I was speechless when he said that.  But i thought over time (6 months or so) some if not all would come back. In addition, I had specifically asked Agha to make sure I was a C cup, not a D-Cup.  When I met with him prior to surgery (the night before), I expressed my wishes.  he told me not to worry, well I am a D-cup and for a small petite body like mine it is harder to find shirts that fit my shoulders AND fit my chest!

My swelling took a longer time then average to subside, and then it never really totally went away. i now wear medical compression garments (hoisery) to manage the fact that my lymph does not move as well as it use too. You have lymph nodes/drainage site in the groin area as well as lymph channels that move to the drainage sites, mainly the groin and arm pits. since I did not have this type of swelling issues before, I can only surmise that my lymph channels were compromised in the surgery thru the spiral thighplasty and LBL (full cut around my body).

You know when you start out here you speak to people who just had surgery and I don't think the longer term people get on here enough to share their stories.

I remember how I was, I don't know if I would have listened. I wished I would have done some more research into the downsides and not been in such a big hurry to "get it done".

Maybe he did not have enough experience to deal with nerves and lymph channels. before going forward with plastic surgery check out your surgeon choices and ascertain their experience in nerve and lymph channel issues. also try to find the patients they don't tell you about! I did pick the wrong surgeon for my face, he left me with scarring. I realize now that his experience with faces was lacking.  I should not have gone to a one-stop PS shop.  Nothing wrong with findng the expert in the various areas of the body.


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Plastic Surgery

Dec 26, 2008

Choosing a plastic surgeon.

1/5/2009 (one week)

Trip to Dr. Agha's office.  Dr. Agha is very happy with my incision healing process.  He states that complications usually occur in the first two weeks.  So far he can't see where I will have complications.  Dr. Agha's "whole patient approach" to reconstructive surgery helps in this process tremendously.  I would primarily credit the nutritional component as a major help in the healing process.  Extra protein and b vits, A and others have been beneficial.  This is my first outing.  To the doctors, then my DH and I went to refill my pain meds, went to a deli for lunch, I then stayed in the car for the rest of the running around, but got my first starbucks (Venti, Soy, Caffe' Misto).  After 4 hours made it back to the hotel.  Watched Oprah's show (her best of life week long series).  Oprah is back on the wagon again and helping millions in the process.  I saw Carnie Willson on the show.  She had lost down to 147 pds and then regained up to 220 something.  She is now back on track using her tool.  She is at a very beautiful weight of 168 pds.  The common theme?  LOVE YOURSELF.  This is so true, if you can't love yourself, you may not help yourself. 

I can't believe it has been 8 days since my surgery. I thought I would have returned here sooner. But I have been recuperating and resting taking care of me. First of all big thank you's to Kathy and Alison (you know who you are). They have both been very supportive. I even got to meet Alison. We all have the same wonderful plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha.

Second I must thank my wonderful husband. He has been taking care of me this whole time. With the number of procedures I had done, there is no way I could have taken care of myself.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for the many comments and advice. Many of them have come in very handy.

Well I ended up with a High Definition TT, Spiral Thighplasty combined with the LBL, Butt Augmentation and a Breast Lift (no aug at this time). The spiral thighplasty is an inner thigh lift with a horizontal scar at the top of the thigh. THANK YOU DR AGHA. You do beautiful work. I can start to see the outline under all of the swelling.

I stayed in the hospital from Monday to Thursday. We have been staying in an extended stay hotel. The best thing my husband and I did. At first I thought I would have been better to recuperate at home. Now I think it is better this way. No distractions of what is happening at home has allowed my husband and I to concentrate on the recuperation process.

The first 5 days were tough. But every day I am feeling better and better. It is difficult to find a good position due to all the incision locations and the butt aug. My butt is still very swollen. The thighs and waist swell, but not as much as the butt. I do like the binder on, but it is harder to get off and on to go potty. Dr. Agha wants me to keep it on, but not 24/7. I can keep it off for up to 5 hrs or so a day.

I came to the hotel with the leg pumpers, catheter and two drains. I still use the leg pumpers each time I lay down. We took out the catheter on Sunday. It came in very handy not to have to deal with going potty for that first week. Dr. Agha visited me here at the hotel on Sat and removed one drain. The other drain should be gone by this wed or fri.

I had my first BM on last Thursday(5 days). Thank GOD! I used stool softeners, but think I should have added the MofMag sooner. I started using that for a couple of days and am back to being regular again.

Dr. Agha said to take a shower as soon as I have my first BM and to take off the steri-tape. So, day 4 I had a shower and have had one every day since. It feels so good.

Would I do all procedures at once again knowing what I know now? Not sure. But if I were to give up one, it would be the thigh lift to do later. However, now I am glad they are all done together. Seeing all of these results together will be awesome.

I have posted one before/after picture of butt aug. You must be a friend to see.

Any questions you have just ask me. I "understand" so much more now.


Well my husband and I made the long drive home from Newport Beach to Redding, CA today.  It tooks us over 9 hrs.  We made stops at least every 1.5 hrs so I could get out and walk around.  I was pretty uncomfortable most of the way.  It was hard to sit for so long.  I was unable to elevate my legs so I did have some swelling after the trip.  I don't recommend it, but I really just wanted to get home.  I did not want to stay at another motel.  Another problem on the trip home was nausea.  I was taking the pain pills (percoset).  however, I do get car sick, but not usually on a straight away like Interstate 5.  For about 3 hrs of the trip, I was extremely nauseated and had to just concentrate/meditate to get through that.

Well we got home.  At this point in my recovery I am still in pain and very uncomfortable.  Lots of stinging, numbness and tightness.  I am unable to stand up straight.  No complications, the incisions look great. 


My first Visitors.  My niece and sister-in-law came to visit today.  It was a good visit.  My husband left to pick up my mother at the airport.  My mom and I took a walk today.  It's nice to have my mom here. 


Mom and I took another walk today.  It was a long one, about 1 mile.  I walk slow and I am still bent over, but...

Well that was my last walk for awhile.  My husband and i noticed some redness and leaking in an incision.  I thought I should stop moving so much.


Well the leaking has now turned into an open wound.  Dr. Agha said to start the wet/dry treatment.  I need to debride the site of all of the yellow/white tissue.


Plastic Surgery Helpful hints

Dec 21, 2008

Hello everyone,

Through the help and advice of others who have had their plastics, I have compiled a list of helpful hints for those about to embark on the last phase of their journey.  Thank you to all of those who have pioneered before us.

If you have trouble copying the data for your self and would like it in a different format such as excel or pdf, PM me and I will forward a copy to an email you provide.

Please Note:  I am not a medical professional.  I have only compiled a list of helpful hints of advice and tools that may or not help during your plastic surgery recovery.  Please get medical advice from a professional before using any homepathic or medical items!

ADDITIONS: CONSTIPATION: Prune Juice AND keep hydrated because even if you take lax, fiber, etc, if you don't have the fluid things just won't work as well.  SWELLING: Limit salt intake and keep hydrated, I also read where a DR suggested coffee because it is a diaretic, so that would help with swelling as well.


Item and/or Suggestion



1/2 dose of pain meds every 2 hrs instead of 4

Possibly help the strength and smooth out pain meds effect


2 sets of compression garments

When cleaning one, wear the other


3 drawer cart on wheels 12x14x12

Holds and keeps things close such as: pads, bandages, medications, phone, address book, notepad, pens/pencils, crossword puzzles.


Antibiotic Ointment

Lube incision areas


Careful with the neosporin



Check incisions daily for signs of distress or infection


Crystal Light or lemon juice/slices

Add these items to your water sometimes plain water gets boring;watch the sodium


Dermabond to seal the incision and steristrip tapes for the breast incisions

Ask your PS if he/she uses these or staples


Hemi-Sync Surgical Support CD's

Anecdotal evidence shows better recovery and pain management


Keep Medications, Creams, Ointments in small basket

Convenient to carry around from room to room


Living Will/Advanced Directive

Bring to surgery center or hospital


Back Scratcher

Dry itchy skin, also use a good moisturizer


Button up large shirts

Easier to get on/off then over the head shirts



Add aromas to relieve stress, lessen pain


Good Moisturizer

Sometimes your skin under binders and bandages gets all dry and flakey


Loose Drawstring PJ Pants

Need I say why?



keep comfortable/keep arms/legs elevated, use Wedges in bed instead of recliner


New underwear or boxer type underwear

These are great because the legs are longer then typical underwear, great if you are having a thigh lift, the underwear won't irritate the incision in the groin area



A MUST, May be sleeping in it for a couple of weeks


Sports Bra

For Breast Aug fitting and comfort for later



Nice loose fitting clothing


Undershirts or Cuddle dud's (long underwear)

Wear these under binders, helps relieve itching;cuddle dud's are softer and smoother then t-shirts, warmer in winter too.



gelzone 6 x 48" Wrap


Zip Up Robe



Baby Wipes

Good for using when you can't take a shower


Bed Liners

Absorbant-keeps fluids leaking onto bed/chair and makes it easy to slide off of. Avoids scooting. Scooting can cause stitch popping


Bed tray with legs

something to put your laptop on so it doesn't rest on your legs: eating in bed


Bendable Straws

For your drinks, easier when you can't bend so easily



Post op lip treatment


hybicleanse soap

For cleaning around drains



For Pinning Drains makes taking a shower easier


Pen Light

When room is dark, you are awake and you don’t want to wake others in room with you. Use for reading.


Tongs or Grabber tool

Tongs for close things; grabber reaching tool for items further away or high/low up


U-Shaped Travel Pillow

use in bed or during travel times


Walker/Bar/Tall Stool/Rope

Something around the chair/bed/toilet to help in getting up


Women's Urinal

Especially if you have the upper thigh lift


Arnica Montana 30X tabs and Gel

homepathic solution which may reduce bruising and swelling in association of soft tissue injury


Bendryl Liquid

Good for itch relief



homepathic solution which may reduce swelling



Ability to standup while going potty


Hand Sanitizer

Purell brand has moisturizer in it


Kotex Pads/Gauze Pads

Kotex Pads are a cheaper solution to put around drains, cut into thirds, cut a slit to fit around tubing, also line your incision, they are soft and could keep the binder from irritating the incision


Pro-Care, Protein Powder/vitamins

Load up on Protein and Vitamins pre surgery and post-op


Senakot use with stool softener



Stool Softener (Colace)

Decrease constipation due to pain meds


Stripping the Jackson Pratt Tubes?

Use an alcohol pad, it slides along the tubing easier then bare skin


Tablet to chart output of drains

Necessary for tracking fluid level output



Important to monitor temp; good check on inflammation or lack of it


Toilet Seat Riser

Don't have to bend down so far up or down



Keep updated pictures



Bring to surgery center or hospital or hotel if staying away from home


Music IPOD

Listen to your favorite tunes


Reading Material

Read Books you have always wanted, but didn't have enough time


Writing Material

Catch up with old friends, keep a journal


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