While I had been looking into WLS for years, I truly started my journey in October 2005.  After a sleep study that recorded an average of 33 apnea episodes an hour, my pulmonologist referred me to a bariatric surgeon. 

Less than 5 months later I was on my way to a new life! 

On February 6, 2006 I had RNY gastric bypass.  Since then, it has been a downhill race.  From 281 pounds (after the liquid diet and "cleanse") the day of surgery to todays weight on 137, has been an amazing experience.  I never imagined that my 30/32 body would in just over a year be down into a size 4.

This past week was the start of the second half of my journey.  I am in the waiting stage of insurance for Plastic Surgery.  I am looking to have a 360 abdominoplasty (Basically an LBL), and a breast augmentation.  Just waiting to see, again.

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