Sep 14, 2014

OK, so I have not posted anything in 2 years.  I am at my 4 year surgery anniversary.  I initially lost 90 pounds, and I have regained about 7.  It goes up and down a few pounds, but stays pretty much in that area  I don't exercise nearly enough.  What I do right, though, is take my vitamins and get my blood work done.  I think this is an area that people do not take seriously enough.  My bone scans show normal bone density for my age and weight, and my vitamin levels are all normal.  I take supplements everyday, and I make sure it's the right kind of vitamins.  Calcium is good, but it has to be Citrate, not Carbonate!  And without Vitamin D, my body won't absorb the Calcium.  Vitamin B - with gastric bypass, I no longer have the part of my intestines that absorb B vitamins.  I need to take them sublingually, and I do..  Daily.  This is not much different from having to take Metformin or some other meds for diabetes, blood pressure, etc.  But this is vitamins, not drugs.  The side effects, if there are any, are due to taking too much or not taking enough.  They don't cause weight gain, don't make me sensitive to sunlight, don't adversely affect my blood sugar.  I don't need to take other meds to offset the effects of one med.  I don't take any drugs.  I take supplements - vitamins.  It's pretty easy, really.  And, as a gastric bypass post op, my life depends on it.  There is not nearly enough importance placed on taking your vitamins and supplements.  Don't think for one second that in a few years you can get complacent and not need them.  My body is permanently changed, it isn't going back, and I will ALWAYS need to take my vitamins!  Small price to pay, and I'm happy with my decision.  Now I need to make the commitment to get back on track - exercise more, watch my diet better.  I want to live a long healthy life, and it's entirely up to me!

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