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"My hospital experience was outstanding. Jeanne Ferber, the wls advocate, was excellent at keeping my family and I informed. She made a point of checking in with me daily and made sure I had her direct phone number in case I had any surgery-specific questions. I had a private room (again THANK YOU, Jeanne!) that was comfortable and quiet. The nursing staff was caring and compassionate. I barely waited any time at all between pushing the call button and having a nurse at my bedside. They were even wonderful about applauding my efforts at tough stuff like getting out of bed and walking loops around the floor! I really like the fact that there are no regulated "visitor's hours". It allowed my family to come and go as they could and had I wanted it, someone could have stayed with me the entire time. Registering for my surgery and my pre- and post-op experiences were efficient and professionally handled. And the anesthesiologist did an AMAZING job. I have never come out of surgery feeling as good as I did this time. One final comment, both my mom and my DH were very complimentary about the food in the café. My food was pretty bland (DUH! How exciting can clear broth and sugar free jello be???) but they were actually excited about eating at Holy Cross. "

Brian Cantor

"Dr. Cantor is an extremely thorough surgeon. To say he has a type A personality is sort of an understatement. rnrnHe is a stickler for rules and his protocol is pretty stringent... more stringent than most. But with that said, he is very successful in what he does. Let's face it, this isn't something to fool around with and Dr. Cantor's care and attentiveness is exactly what I wanted when trusting my life to a surgeon. Case in point: one of the hospital nurses told me that she was online entering some info into my chart at about 3 AM after my surgery and Dr. C logged on to check on me!rnrnHe is very meticulous when going over the risks and procedures associated with the surgery... to the point that I could probably repeat them word-for-word by the time I got to pre-op. rnrnDr. C is very friendly and has a good bedside manner... and he always treats me with respect and dignity. But he doesn't take excuses and he pushes his patients to work hard with the tool he gives you. (You'd better not be in bed when he comes around to do his hospital rounds!) But even as strict as he is with the rules, he is also very kind and realistic. He doesn't expect more than his patients can do and applauds good efforts. He genuinely cares for his patients.rnrnI am very, very happy with my choice and I'm delighted to say my surgery and recovery were about as complication-free as possible. I was even in FAR less pain that I expected. I had Lap RNY and my scars are teeny. I can't possibly thank him enough... I know in my heart, he saved my life.rnrnIf you want specific details about anything I've said... please don't hesitate to contact me! And if you're a patient of Dr. Cantor's... tell him I say HI!rn"
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