Oct 12, 2010

Okay, so I finished my six month diet last week - the day after having gallbladder surgery. I was originally scheduled for my RNY on the 19th of October, but when the gallbladder issue came up we postponed it to November 16th so that the gallbladder could come out first. Today, Lisa from Trinity called to tell me she received my insurance approval and we are all set! I can't wait to get on to and through the next surgery and recovery!


So now I wait....

Jul 07, 2010

I have finished all of my preliminary evaluations (psych, nutritionist, EGD, seminar with the surgeon...). I have done everything I need to do to get approval for the surgery except for finish the six-month diet requierd by my insurance company. This is month three, so I am half-way there! But, now that I am through with all of the preliminary stuff I am afraid that the waiting is going to make me crazy! However, the end is in sight. My surgeon suggested that when I have my last diet visit (October 13th), I request a copy of the progress notes and deliver them myself to the advocate at his office so that the paperwork can be sent for insurance approval. He said I should be having surgery in October! I am going to try to be good until then and follow all of my instructions (eating on a schedule, not drinking with meals, etc.). Wish me luck!
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