Trinity Hospital of Augusta

"The hospital is great! I had two surgeries here within the past two months, and they have taken great care of me. I had one or two times in the hospital when they were a little slow in getting me something I needed, but that was rare - most of the time they were very quick."

Arthur B. Chasen

"I first met Dr. Chasen back in May when I attended a seminar for Trinity Bariatric. I was impressed with his knowledge and experience. His staff has been very helpful and caring. Almost all of them (including the nutritionists!) are weight loss surgery patients themselves. Dr. Chasen and his staff are very active with their patients, both before surgery and afterward. Dr. Chasen attends and presents at the support group meetings. He is obviously up on all of the current research. He requires you to attend at least 12 support group meetings after the surgery, and has been known to track down patients who miss follow-up appointments. He explained everything in detail before the surgery, including risks of the surgery. He checked on me frequently in the hospital - even if it meant coming by at 10:30 at night! I would recommend him to anyone!"
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