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"Dr Pender is one of the Best along with his staff. So far they have been helpful and they listen. He is not standoffish. He does notice things you may not. He returns calls promptly and doesn't make you feel like you were a bother. While their office is busy now more than ever most times someone there nows the answer. Now they did misplace my file for a while and those things happen. I just didn't call every week but when I did to see what was going on they found out and owed up to it and got it all together and submitted. They didn't pass the buck which i respected. They gave me after care information. Some wasn't the same as the nutrisionist but I followed his. He emphasize that for the next year I was to see him and make him aware of any medical issues, fevers, colds, hospital visits. As far as I know he has not lost a patient and is serious on his patients outcomes. I have heard some that did not get to see him but one of his assistants on follow up but that has not been my case so far. It is a medical school but one of the best. This was the way I was treated and my experiance."
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