Atul Madan

Bariatric Surgeon
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Atul Madan Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

6 yr Experience

6 yr in Bariatrics

6 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

6 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

80% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 12

Max Age of Patient is 75

49 Reviews for Atul Madan
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October 30: Well, I finally got to meet Dr. Madan today and may I say he is the nicest man. He made me feel like he had been my doctor forever. I was not nervous after meeting him. He is just, for lack of a better word, so human. I have had a lot of doctors that just seem so "machine like". They are there to do their jobs and take care of your health and that is it. In and out, write a prescription and come back in a week. Five minutes later they don't even recognize you. Dr. Madan makes you feel like he not only cares about your physical health but your personal feelings as well. I had written Dr. Madan an e-mail a couple of months ago(and yes he answered it that same night) and he remembered it.
I knew the office staff was the best in town and now I know why. I guess when you work for someone who is that compassionate and caring you just can't help but be the same way. I would highly recommend this office and doctor to anyone. This is the best doctor's group I have ever had the pleasure of going to.


Dr. Madan appears to be a very kind Doctor, he answered all my questions thoroughly and although our visit was brief and he was interrupted with a mobile phone call I was extremely pleased. I know I've made the right decision.
I am 1 month post op now, and I have the best surgeon. He has answered all my questions and takes the time to give me personalized attention at each appt. although expect the long wait in the waiting room. When I had complications in the hospital he explained everything to me, and I had no questions to ask him. Although he has a foreign name, he talks as American as you or me, is easy to understand, and I feel I can ask him anything I want/or need to. GOD THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME TO DR. MADAN!!!


I have met with Dr. Madan today 8/7/03. He impressed me. He was so knowledgable, so professional and had a great bedside manner. He answered everything and more than what I needed to know.
5 stars to Madan for Excellence. He took such good care of me during surgery and I was very greatful!!


I met Dr. Madan for the first time during my pre-op. He seems very nice and very caring, and thank god, he has a sense of humor, something lacking in a lot of doc's. His staff is very nice, especially Kim T. who has to be one of the most over-worked people I've ever met. On the down side, when going for an office visit, take a good book because you're going to be there a while.


My first visit was with his partner Dr. Hiler(no longer does surgery), he was very nice and informative. The next visit was for the Endoscope also done by Dr. Hiler. After I was approved by Humana Ins. I then had my visit with Dr. Madan, which was very informative. He answer any question I ask, without hesitation. I had already emailed him several question about his history. He answered my emails very timely and truthfull. My only complaint is the long wait in the waiting room to see the doctors. Which this was much better on my last visit.


My impression of Dr. Madan was great! He appears to be VERY thorough! I like that. It can be aggravating because we want everything done NOW! But I am glad to have a Dr. that knows what he is doing and takes the time to NOT miss a step! But make no mistake, I immediately could tell that Dr. Madan is a very compassionate Dr. He was very eager to explain every aspect of the process and took time to answer my questions and listen to my comments! He explained ALL of the risks and options involved. He is wonderful. As for his staff, they are great! I know they have an enormous work load but they always have time to answer any questions or help me any way they can. Dr. Madan even answers my E-mail! But i have to take this time to thank Kim T.! She is like an angel! You could not ask for anyone better to help get you where you need to be with your surgery! Thank You Kim T.! To give an overall rating 11 on a scale from 1-10! If you are anywhere near Memphis and you are interested in this surgery, SEE Dr. Madan and his wonderful staff!


Very Nice, & ver Concerned.

I still think he is a very Nice, kind, & Concerned man.

Nice & Friendly.

He is overworked. During my Block of Patients he has over 500 other patients to operate on. He is the only Surgeon with in 200 miles that does this.

That you will enjoy meeting this man. He is very Nice.



He Fully told me all the Ups & downs of the operation, & gladdly answered any questions I had.

A 10

Unknown yet as I have not had the operation.


Well, I am just getting in the process. I have not met him yet but have heard great things about him. I do hear that there is a long wait for a surgery date, unsure how true that is. I have talked to Kisha and Kim in his office and they have been great. I am trying to have everything possible done before I go to see him to keep from delaying anything. I am a nurse and have ask about Dr. Madan with various people in and out of my field because I haven't heard of him before and have only heard good things about him which makes me feel better. I am looking forward to meeting him.


I had my first appt. on March 27,2003.
My appt was with Dr. Madan and I have to say
He was the BEST Doctor I have ever met. I had around 50 or 60 questions and he answered
everyone of them. He never rushed me and he wanted to make sure I didnt have anymore questions. The office staff was VERY nice to me. Tish and Kim T. were great. Never was short and always had a smile on there face.
Kim T. has taken my calls and helped me feel
really good about this surgery and myself.
I just want to say THANKS to all of them!!!!


I met my surgeon for the 1st time in August 2002. I was impressed with the things he has to say about the laparoscopic bypass procedure. He was just moving here to Memphis so he anticipated it taking a while to get everything in place for his practice, before he could even start performing this operation here. He anticipated I would not have surgery until the 1st of 2003. I was fine with that. I had already waited 9 months for this appointment. He was very informative and patient. He answered all of my questions. Some more than once. He has a wonderful aftercare program. I received a booklet, more like a dairy, on my first visit. And postop I will bring this diary with me on my visits with him. We will go over any problems I have been having and he will monitor through my diary how I have been doing on my proteins and foods.

He also is available by e-mail, and he personally answers every one.

The only thing I could say that annoys me is the wait sometimes at his office. I may be there 3 hours or so before seeing him sometimes. I do know that when he took this practice over at UT Bowl Hospital he walked into a bit of a nightmare. They were overbooked and understaffed and guess he just has to work through it.

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