Daniel Hoeltgen

Bariatric Surgeon
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Daniel Hoeltgen Bariatric Surgeon MD

15 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

7 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

40% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 75

31 Reviews for Daniel Hoeltgen
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He is a good surgeon. I would not want him for my PCP, his bedside manner is very short! Overall I guess he does his job well.


His office staff so far has been nothing but nice. He seemed nice and was confident. My consultation was at the end of the day and he spent an hour with me just explaining the procedure and answering questions. I am a little concerned about the fact that he has only done 68 of these surgeries, but everyone has to start somewhere. He did tell me that he did some of these surgeries in his residency which makes me feel better. I like him alot more than the first dr. my HMO sent me to.

He was great, I think he is better in the aftercare portion once you are out of the hospital. I think that their food program ought to be more specialized for bariatric patients. The plans they gave me were too general and in the soft food stage it said I couldn't have things that the pureed stage said I could. Other than that, I have no problems with my surgeon at all.


Dr. Hoeltgen was calm and informative on our first mtg. He spent an hour with me explaining the pro's & con's of surgery. Nancy is the contact person at the office and has always been helpful and friendly. Aftercare has been mentioned but I will attend a hospital mtg. which is closer. I do plan on making all of my aftercare appointments. I'm not going to pretend that I know what's best for me medically. I'm not certain that I could rate anyone after 1x visit. He has done 2 wt. loss surgeries per week for over a yr. and hasn't had any major complications with his patients. I'll update this with more info later. It was helpful to read and reach out to others who have had the same Dr. / same hospital.


Dr. Hoeltgen was very friendly and knowledgable. He explained everything so well that I had to throw out my long list of questions that I brought with me (he answered them all before I got a chance to ask them). He explained all the pros and cons and gave me a helpful booklet to take home and read. The office staff was very friendly and Nancy has been very helpful when I called there with questions about the approval procedure and the support group. We didn't talk much about aftercare but I will think about that after I am approved (hopefully) I am hoping for an answer from my medical group by the end of the week


<Font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size=2><b><p align="left">I met Dr.Hoeltgen at my consultation. He seems kinda quiet but he took his time and answered all of my questions during our meeting. I sure had lots of them!! He explained what the surgery would be like and the kind of support groups that they have and the people who I would be seeing. He has only been doing this surgery for 1 year now.He addressed the surgery concerns and the office staff seems great. Im just at the beginning of my journey so I guess things can only get better.


I was quite impressed with my initial consulation. Dr. Hoeltgen was very caring, attentive and informative with me. I'm not sure if my being his last patient had anything to do with it.(lol) He thoroughly explained the risks factors to me in laymans terms, so I didn't have to come home and look up medical terms. His staff is very warm and attentive also especially Nancy.


My personal experiences are listed here only. Dr. Dan (as I call him, I figure we're going to be pretty involved, and should be on a first name basis) was very informative at our first meeting, and told us all about risks and benefits. The office staff (esp. Nancy) is awesome and always recognize me when I call and are very, very helpful. I know that there is a support group somehow through his office and will find out more after my next appointment.


He was very imformative and told me the benefits and risks. He has only been doing this for a year. Nancy has been great. His staff has been wonderful!


Everyone in Dr.Hoeltgen's office was very nice. Dr.Hoeltgen was my third consult. He was by far the most informative. I feel very comfortable with him doing the surgery....I was a bit apprehensive about the other two dr.s I met with. I prayed that I would be led to the right Dr....Thank you Jesus!


My surgeon was very shy, very informative but very shy. I was very indiferent with him in the begining but he has really made me feel comfortable. His office is always cheering me on and they know who I am when I call. I really love my surgeon and his office. Great people. I do give him credit, there are things he does not know or is not sure and he will tell you. He is not always eager to find the answer for you. He is fairly new at this and he is learning also and he will tell you that. He has been doing the surgery for about a year now and surgically he is a whiz, needs some help with the after care. I am not so concerned cause me pcp is great with that.

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