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Mahbod Mark Paya Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

5 yr Experience

5 yr in Bariatrics

5 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

5 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

90% Practice is Bariatrics

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Dr. Paya is a fanastic man and surgeon. He is very friendly, very informative and very knowledgable. He continues to advance in his expertise by going to seminars. He is very supportive and I can't wait until the 5th to again thank him for the opportunity for a healthy and productive life. He has truly made me desire to change my lifestyle to better help the progression I will make with this surgery.

The staff at the office is wonderful. They have answered my questions and are truly caring people.


I was impressed with Dr. Paya from the first
time I met him at an informational meeting at West Hills Hospital in California.
He is genuinely concerned with his patients and works with them to succees. His nurse
Debbie is always friendly, cheerful, and easy to talk to. Always returns your calls and passes on information to Dr. Paya. He is always quick to return your calls when you have a question. Both Dr. Paya and his nurse attent the informational meeting and support groups that are held every month. Dr. Paya is very up to date with his information, always using the most recent formulas and data to accurately answer your questions and concerns. Dr. Paya is both a wonderful doctor and person. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I rate him a 10++
Thus far, I have been completely satisfied with my whole experience. I cannot thus far think of any negatives that I have experienced.


I met Dr. Mark Paya at bariatric orientation seminar in July 2004. I went to see him for a consultation and together we discussed my alternatives for weight loss. Dr. Paya was extremely thorough in his discussion and I asked him many questions. He answered all of them, and I had a feeling that I could succeed with bariatric surgery. As in the case with many bariatric patients, I had been obese for over 20 years and tried many food programs along with exercise routines. I could lose some weight, but I could not maintain the weight loss. On September 3, 2004, Dr. Paya performed the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. His care after the surgery was superb. i saw him both days while I was in the hospital. It has been 2 months since my surgery. I have used this surgery as a tool. I have been compliant with the food program and the exercising. This surgery has changed and improved my life. I have experienced excellent weight loss, increased energy and more confidence. I am continuing to see Dr. Paya for follow up visits. We are both pleased with my success. I am willing to talk to anyone about this surgery who is interested.


I had to write you, in addition to telling you numerous times, how thrilled I am with the way you and your team handled my bariatric surgery. The thorough preparations, mentally and physically, enabled me to maintain a positive and excited attitude throughout. I can't say enough about how helpful, kind and supportive your staff was and continues to be. Any fears were subsided by your confidence, skills, professionalism and compassion. Although I am only six weeks out, the excitement and exhilaration I'm feeling of an improving mental and physical images is beyond words. The pounds are flying off and everyone is noticing, especially me. Throughout my life, I've been through every diet program, every fad, every pill only to regain every pound, plus more. Thanks to you, those days are over and I've finally begun my "rebirth." Thank you again for all of your support.


How do you thank a team of members enough after they give you a life. Dr. Paya has saved me. Four months after surgery, laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, I'm down 50 lbs, engaged, eating just about anything I want in very small portions, and I'm satisfied! This is the best I have felt and the happiest I have been in my life.


I spent over 20 years fighting the bulge through many diets and exercising. Besides your basic "lack of self esteem", both of my knees, left ankle and lower back had succumbed to the pressure of all that extra wight. I decided to take it to what I had hoped would be the final step towards ending my misery and attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Paya and the West Hills Hospital. I felt confident after leaving the seminar that the people involved here were much more than your average professionals, they cared.
I did some serious reflecting and thinking, so that if I were to to do the procedure, I would be doing it without an ounce of reservation. I wanted to guarantee myself success, never to fail at weight loss again. I decided that the laparoscopic banding procedure was best for me, so I proceeded to get a private consultation with Dr. Paya. We proceeded with the surgery on Jan, 17, 2005, which was only 5 weeks ago. One week after surgery I was out walking a mile a day. The second week I started doing 2 miles a day.
I can't remember when I've ever been so optimistic about my future. Thank you Dr. Paya, Debbi (Dr. Paya's right hand) and Marcy (bariatric coordinator). Oh yeh, did I mention that I've lost 48 lbs in first five weeks?


Excited, helpful,particularly with the insurance company. He spoke with them on the phone during my first visit and obtained instant approval. Very thorough in his explanation of the surgery and in answering my questions.
Excellent office staff, extremely supportive.
I did feel that he was a little pushy about the surgery. I felt like I needed more time to think it over. Patients should know he has performed over 400 of these surgeries, is highly respected for his work.
Aftercare is strongly emphasized by both his hospital and his office. They take a team approach - meetings with the Dr., nutritionist, bariatric coordinator and physical trainer up to one year after surgery. Gym on site. Support group meetings monthly.
Straightforward but brief about the risks.
I would rate him excellent (prior to surgery)
Can't comment on the final question until post-surgery.

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