Mahbod Mark Paya

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Mahbod Mark Paya Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

5 yr Experience

5 yr in Bariatrics

5 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

5 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

90% Practice is Bariatrics

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Max Age of Patient is By case

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38 Reviews for Mahbod Mark Paya
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Dr. Paya has been excellent! rnHe really makes you feel comfortable, and well taken care of. The Office staff @ Northridge is amazing. All of them are super nice, and are there to help.


My surgeon is the most excellent, comforting doctor I have ever met. He took time to see me and speak to me about my anxiety in the waiting room of the OR. He assured me he had been doing this for 10 yrs and never had someone not wake up. After all was said and done, he came to my room twice to see how things were going. He makes sure he takes time out of his bust schedule to have 2 seminars a month where he discusses everything and answers all your questions. He also has a dedicated staff of people to answer any other questions.


My first and lasting impression of Dr. Paya is that he is caring, knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone in his office is very supportive and couldn't have been nicer. Dr. Paya's support team (nutritionist, psychologist) was also very helpful, especially Wendy, the nutritionist who sat with a computer to show me places to go on the internet to find the protein drinks, vitamins and other specialty items I needed. Dr. Paya spent a lot of time explaining the surgeries he performs, the differences and his recommendation for me. I never felt rushed or that he had better things to do. Quite the contrary, he made sure to spend a lot of time answering questions. Even when I called his office, I was treated well and my questions were answered quickly. Not only do I recommend Dr. Paya, my sister is going to have her surgery with him in a month or so. She, too, loves Dr. Paya and has the same impression of him that I do. The hospital also has on-site support groups and Dr. Paya often stops by to contribute. The only negative is that he is only in the office one day a week and be prepared to wait for your appointment. His tendency to take time with his patients means he usually runs late but he's worth the wait.


I LOVE Dr. Paya! He actually takes time out of his day to come down and host seminars for weight loss surgery candidates personally. He is extremely professional and knowledgable. He came personally to visit me in the hospital after the procedure, and was very comforting. I would choose Dr. Paya again in a heartbeat. I cannot thank him enough for saving my life!


A great experience with Dr. Paya and his staff. Everyone was very heplful and understanding. rnThe office treats you like you are special and you feel that they really care about you and your progress. Dr. Paya is not only a competent surgeon but he has a great bedside manner.


Awesome surgeon


I just have to say, what a pro!rnrnI have spoken to many friends and co-workers who have had this procedure, and while most have had no complications at all, some have, and are suffering up to a year later.rnrnAfter Dr. Paya's work was completed, I was out of the hospital literally a day and a half after the surgery was complete!! I have had NO complications, and am emotionally ready to return to work just 8 days after the surgery. rnrnHis staff is very professional, couteous, and a fun group to visit! They are very attentive to the needs of the patient, and even knew me by name when I would call!rnrnI would recommend all my friends and family, and even strangers, to have their work done by Dr. Paya! I just can't speak highly enough of this team!


I feel like my finding out about Dr. Paya was heaven sent. I met Debbie from his office at a store and she raved about his work and gave me his phone #. When I met Dr. Paya in his office I immediately felt a connection. He promised me that he would be there for me throught my weight loss journey. It's been almost 1 year and I've seen Dr. Paya many, many times for follow-ups, to weigh in or just to say hello. Dr. Paya continually makes me feel welcome to come see him with any concerns. I feel very blessed to have met Debbie that day and to have been fortunate enough to have a doctor like Mark Paya!!!!


'My first impression was great. Dr. Paya seemed very professional and he was patient with my many questions. While I was waiting to meet him


when I first met dr.paya I felt as if I had always known him. I felt calm and safe. At the time I was on a waiting list at UCLA and I felt scared and persecuted there. My primary Dr. sent for him While I was in the hospital at WEST HILLS with pneumonia last july 2005. I definitely feel meeting DR PAYA was a gift from God. His staff is wonderful and very personal they do not treat me like "a number" but a person. They all are very knowledgable and have great aftercare. I am attending the first support group on valentine's day. I would rate him a 10 out of 10 from bedside manner to competence. I never once doubted my survival. They were very up front on risks and aftercare. I know it sounds weird but really I have no negative things to say about the experience. Except the complications, which was MY body's fault.

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