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on 8/31/12 8:36 pm - Irvine, CA
Hello Members,

On a daily basis we get calls from members in desperate need of surgeons that will accept Medicaid and or Medicare for Bariatric surgery.  It breaks our hearts when we have to say "we don't know of any surgeons in your state we can refer you to". 

Can you please help us? If you know of any surgeons in your state that accepts Medicaid and or Medicare, will you list their:


If they accept Medicare and or Medicaid

Phone number



This list will remain here for our members to access and use.

Thank you so much!!!


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on 11/30/07 7:10 pm - Edmond, OK
I emailed my surgeons office (Dr. Gornichec) to ask them if they knew of anyone in the OKC area who takes Medicaid or Medicare and they said Dr. Keith is the only one at this time that does. Hope this helps! Tonja
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I had a tummy tuck and lipo of the side flanks performed by Nathan Miller with Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City on June 23rd, 2009.



on 12/1/07 5:33 pm

Yes, Dr Keith takes Medicaid and Medicare...Also, WW Hasting hospital in Tahlequah (Indian Health Services Hospital) just started doing the band.  This is a service for those who are a member of a Federally recognized tribe.  They have to go through a class and try to lose weight on their own for a while, but it is another option, if you get questions from anyone who is Native and trying to get surgery in this area. 

 P.S.  Indian Health Services is a federal program.  There may be other facilities starting to do WLS. 

on 12/4/07 1:19 am - Norman, OK
That is the first IHS facility I have heard of who does any WLS. I personally use Carl Albert if I am using IHS and they will not do it.
Tressa S.
on 12/4/07 2:36 am - Salina, OK
I think this may be a trial I am not sure I used to work for Cherokee nation as a nurse and there was talk of this then. I am not sure but it may be just for there Diabetic program.
on 3/22/08 11:00 am - Locust Grove, OK
Right now the HELP program is still in the trial phase for Hastings.  I work for CN and the last thing I heard is: The HELP program is for Diabetics only.  Diabetics *****ceive their health care from other Indian Clinics have to be referred, and Hastings is no longer accepting referral as of now.  This may change in the future but the inital response was so great they are out of available slots.  I was told the surgeons were trained by Dr. Gorspe (not sure if its true or not)  Hope this gives some help
Pamela A.
on 12/3/07 3:23 pm - Claremore, OK
Surgical Associates in Tulsa is a Center of Excellence which is necessary for Medicare.


on 12/15/07 12:07 pm - Wheatland, OK
For Center of Excellances in Oklahoma the following surgeons are approved: Dr. Ronnie Keith, Dr. Lana Nelson ie Norman Regional Hospital Norman Oklahoma.  ANd St Francis Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma I can not remember that Surgeons name. People who are on Medicare can aslo go to the Medicare website and find Center of Excellance approved hospitals and surgeons in there area.
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on 3/3/09 3:37 pm
a little information about the  ronnie keith clinic is that you can not be a smoker and if you are you have to be completely smoke free for a minimum of 6 months.
on 3/6/09 5:41 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Yes you do have to quit smoking for a minimum of 90days before surgery but many surgeons require this anymore. And yes they do a nicotine test to see if you are smoke free.  They will also help you on becoming smoke free. 

Quitting smoking helps you to better heal afterwards and you have to worry about pnuemonia already hence the reguired spirometer exercises so not having smokers issue shelps with that as well. I hope that helps explain why the requir eit.

Smoke free for 17 months now and loving it after smoking for 17 of my 33 years.
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on 1/10/08 2:27 pm - Tulsa, OK
In Oklahoma the best Bariatric Group is at Surgical Associates.  Dr. Kevin Fisher, and 2 other surgeons do the procedures.  Their entire staff is wonderful and are helpful and great to answer questions.  They have a website if you want to get more information on the group.
on 3/5/08 2:24 pm - monkey island, OK
hi...yes in tulsa...surgical do take medicare and will file medicaid , but it is iffy. on is dr. fisher, dr. katsis, and dr. cole......tracey griffin is coordinator and a doll..918-481-4999
on 6/20/09 11:16 am - Coffeyville, KS

These doctors were NOT my surgeons, ...but I have 4 firends who have used them. Two are post op and  were paid for by medicare and one is schedule with payment being medicare. The fourth friend had medical  insurence.
I have heard nothing but positive things about their surgical skills.
Carol in Kansas

sherrie T.
on 3/30/08 4:23 pm, edited 9/14/11 12:32 pm - CLAREMORE, OK
I wanted to add if you are soonercare/medicare and you plan on wls be prepared. Make sure you PC Doctor and staff knows what is required to do for the surgery. I jumped through the hoops to end up waiting on my PC's office to "learn" what to do. You need to make sure they are informed about the procedures to filing for the surgery. Its a long and drawn out process if the PCs office isnt informed.
As of 09-14-11 I am no closer to getting the surgery.
(deactivated member)
on 7/16/08 5:08 pm - OK
I have already had surgery 5 years ago having my surgery fixed and need hernias repaired could you tell me what i need to tell my pcp so i can get the info....

Thanks for the info!!

on 10/14/08 12:05 am
Oklahoma Weight Loss Options in Norman OK now does Medicare / Medicaid.  My surgeon is Lana Nelson, the other Dr. is Ronnie Keith.  They do the band and RNY.
They are associated with Norman Regional Hospital. 
website is

Angela Lowry
Emily C.
on 10/19/08 6:56 am - Claremore, OK
According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid website there are only 2 approved bariatric hospitals in Oklahoma and they are St Francis in Tulsa and Norman Regional in Norman. As St. Francis the Bariatric Sugeons are Dr. Katsis, Dr Cole and Dr. Varnell.  In Norman the surgeon's are Dr. Keith and Dr. Lana Nelson.
Hope this helps.

on 4/2/09 7:40 pm
tulsa surgical associates ,there  are several doctors that are performing the Magic!  i know because  i went to the seminar  and hoping for a revision  thanks susan
on 7/25/09 2:29 pm
My surgery date is scheduled for the third of August and it will be done at St Francis in Tulsa by
Dr. Kevin Fisher from Surgical Associates and they take medicare and FED Blue Cross and Blue Shield also the first three fills are free and then $200.00 each after that I do not know if Medicare will pay for that but my FED BCBS will cover it. hope that helps
on 2/9/10 10:03 pm - Mcalester, OK
In Tulsa Surgical Associates...I used Dr. Kevin fisher and feel he is great - I recently saw him and was told they will be moving their group to Bailey hospital in Owasso (where Gorospe used to be) but they will still have their current location also.

I think the move to Owasso is a good thing - this way the nursing staff will be familiar  with wls  - St. Francis had some nurses trained and then others weren't it was more a make sure you know what your suppose to do so you didn't get messed up, when I was at St. Francis/