How long til puree stage?

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Hi all,

My surgeon says I can start my purée stage on day 6. A lot of people are telling me that seems really it? (Asking out of curiosity)

i have been doing well. Not feeling sick at all, just super tired.

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Erin T.
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There are lots of different plans. Some folks have purees in the hospital and some not for 4+ weeks. I moved to purees at my 2-week post-op visit.

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I am smart enough to know to listen to my doctor....I was just being curious.

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Sorry for answering. It won't happen again.

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It's funny--a lot of surgeons have very different plans. We've had some folks on here, mostly in Europe, be sent home from the hospital already on purees. I couldn't wait for purees. Those Taco Bell beans never tasted so good!


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St. Michael's manual says you have purées at weeks 3&4, Guelph is a month. Six days does sound early!

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Also depends on definition of puree. I was on soft foods like cottage cheese and yogurt by day 6, I was on pureed as in finely chopped meats and chicken later..... Day 6 for chopped meats would be early...

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I think this really early stage belongs to the surgeon. I was recovering from something he did so I left the immediate diet answers to them and to help with healing.

My first bite of food was also beans. Boy did it taste good. I ate on this little cup of beans for days.

Sounds like you're recovering well.

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VSG on 12/14/17

Every surgeon's plan is different. I would follow their plan unless you have issues with it. One of the ladies in my group has had some problems with solids, so she's still on really soft foods and protein shakes but the rest of us are fine.

I was on clear liquids until day 3, protein shakes and yogurt until day 7, and all that plus scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes (which I didn't eat), cream soups, et****il day 14. As of day 14, I can have everything but seeds, nuts, beef, pork, tough meat, crunchy foods. I haven't had an issue unless I forget to eat slowly