crackers with no carbs

on 4/2/10 11:22 pm
iam looking for any ideas,  i  want to have some kind of crackers that dont have  alot of carbs
   what do you all eat  in place of crackers or bread?  
on 4/2/10 11:53 pm
I looked at EVERY box on the shelf a week ago and found the lowest my store had was Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers. 

Per Serving (5 crackers)
calories 80
ttl fat 3.5
carb 10
sugar 1
protein 1

on 4/3/10 2:34 am - Midlothian, TX
Have you ever tried a cheese "cracker"?

This recipe says it has 5 carbs per 16 crackers, 9 fat and doesn't list sugars.  But I doubt you would use the whole 16 crackers as a serving?
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Pam T.
on 4/3/10 2:40 am - Saginaw, MI
Well... there's really no such thing as a cracker without carbs. Crackers are made of wheat and/or flour... which automatically contains carbs. Unless you're looking for frankenfood or something that's not actually crackers. 

You may want to check out Wasa Crackers. They are large wafer super-crispy crackers with very low calories (20 per cracker).  They are biggish - like the size of a graham cracker before you break it apart.  I'm 2 years out and still only eat 1.  I like them topped with chicken salad or egg salad.

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Not the Same Dawn
on 4/3/10 5:28 am - BEE EFF EEE, CA
I remember seeing a recipe for cheese crackers. You take the parm cheese and grate it onto a baking sheet and bake it till it's crisp and really thin...only the carbs in the cheese is in those..hardly any carbs but they're crunchy.

Also, thin slices of zuchini on a dehydrator will give you something flat, thin and might play with that. That's non-bread but crispy..
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on 4/3/10 5:54 am - Columbia City, IN
You need to look at the quality of the carbs.  I go for complex carbs.  The best cracker I can find is AkMak 100 % whole wheat stone ground sesame cracker.
Serving size is 5 crackers.( 1 2/3 inch x 5 inches).  They are thin and very crisp. I can't eat 5 of them and I'm one year post op.

5 crackers =115 cal
Net Carb = 19 gm
Fiber = 4 gm
Protein = 5 gm
Sugars .6 gm

5 gm protein is pretty good for a carb!
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on 4/3/10 5:59 am - Baltimore, MD
No cracker is going to be "no-carb." You can get low carb ones. I say this all the time and it bears repeating, "with starches the ONLY way to achieve low carb is to make it high fiber" so look for whole wheat, lots of fiber. But even crackers made from cheese have carbs (milk sugar is a carb). I personally like Wasa Light crackers. Good source of complex carbs to fuel me up and keep me satisfied!
on 4/3/10 7:06 am - Orange County, CA
I second cheese crackers, wasa fiber ryes (check the label some are lower than others)
and add  bran crisps GG 15 calories 3 net carbs each "big" cracker (one cracker is PLENTY) you have to order it on-line and the last one is to make your own flax crackers - 0 net carbs (all carbs are from fiber) ... look for a recipe on a low carb site or ask me and I will see if I can find it for you.
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