8 days out from surgery, questions

on 8/31/17 6:31 am

I just started puréed foods. I just did my plan for the day and it's 350 calories, does that sound ok? It includes light and fit Greek yogurt, scrambled egg, puréed lentil soup, protein shake and lots of water.

My stomach feels bloated and so heavy. My pouch is still sore, obviously. I have discovered I can't tolerate whey protein so have switched to Vega protein powder with unsweetened almond milk.

On Monday I weighed in with a 14lb weight loss and despite knowing I should not do it so soon, I weighed in this morning with no weight loss since Monday. It was disappointing, I won't lie..

so opinions from the vets here would be great:)


on 8/31/17 6:58 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I can't help you on calories- I didn't track that until I was a few months out. What your estimated protein gram intake for the day? That's what I would focus on. Lentil soup doesn't seem like a good protein resource (but I also don't eat lentils...so what do I know) To me eggs are a soft food, not a puree. Puree should be the consistency to slide off of a spoon. (But I also never really did puree's either).

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on 8/31/17 7:23 am, edited 8/31/17 12:30 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I'm with Peach, don't worry about calories, track the grams of protein. Also the lentil soup, while a good food consistency, it isn't a good source of protein. It is mostly carbs actually. I would focus on pureed meat and eggs are fine too if you can tolerate them.

As for the weight loss, you are right on schedule for the 3-4 week stall. It is common for folks to have a short stall around that time. Just keep up the fluids and protein and the weight will change.

Edited to say that I just looked at your time since surgery again and you aren't at 3 weeks yet. Just know that weight comes off in fits and starts sometimes, so stick with the plan and the scale will move when it's ready.

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on 8/31/17 7:57 am

I'm not a vet, but this early out your main concentration is to get in your fluids to avoid dehydration. Like Peach said, let your pouch be your guide. I didn't tolerate eggs at all early on but they are fine now. Same thing goes with other foods. If it doesn't sit well now, try it again in a few weeks/months. If your pouch is angry, back off anything new for a while and possibly drop back to shakes. Some of us (me included was on full liquids for at least 2 weeks post-op). As for the weight, just continue to follow-plan and it will come off. You may go a week (or 2) with no loss and then have a big drop. Hang in there and best wishes. It really does get easier.

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on 8/31/17 9:02 am

Thanks everyone. I will hold off on the lentil soup. It was one of the items of my NUTs food list. The eggs I am going to purée. Maybe I'll add ham and cheese to them? I'm still not meeting my protein goals. I absolutely detest the shakes. The new ones I have are a little better but the artificial sweetener in all of them make me feel so sick and the whey protein ones were so much worse. I know, I know, I will drink the shakes because I have too. I'll suck it up, lol.

What did did you guys purée that you liked?

on 9/1/17 7:40 am, edited 9/1/17 12:41 am

I pureed my eggs with some plain Greek yogurt, 1 tsp of low fat miracle whip, and added some paprika, salt, and pepper for a pureed egg salad and really enjoyed it (and the yogurt upped the protein count).

I also pureed chicken with Greek yogurt, 1 tsp ranch dressing and added some hot sauce for a pureed chicken wing taste, which I used to love as I was so sick of sweet tastes at that point.

My mom made me some beef stew and I pureed the beef with some of the gravy, leaving out the potatoes. It was yummy.

I also pureed cottage cheese.

I usually had a protein shake for breakfast, yogurt or cottage cheese for lunch, and pureed egg salad or meat of some sort for supper.

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on 8/31/17 10:01 am
RNY on 06/27/17

I puréed cottage cheese with one tablespoon of apple butter for taste. The texture was more tolerable than plain cottage cheese. I also bought Beneprotein powder and added it to almost everything I ate to up the protein content. Beneprotein is a whey isolate but you should be able to find a flavorless plain plant based protein powder (Burt's Bee's might make one).

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on 8/31/17 10:09 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I pureed chicken, turkey, salmon and tilapia all with a little bit of chicken broth. I then froze them in 1 TBSP portions in ice cube trays. They were easy to pop out and thaw when I needed something to eat. Focus on protein and your fluids at this point and that will go a long way.

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on 9/1/17 6:04 pm

brilliant idea!!!

on 8/31/17 10:13 am

Good ideas, thank you!

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