What's on your Saturday menu RNYers?

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on 12/2/17 2:54 am

Morning weekenders!

im up and at em early today. It's our offices children's party. I have a magician and a singing Santa coming! I'm a bit nervous as it's my first time planning the party. But I'm sure it will be fine.

Afterwards, I'm off to a family Christmas party with my dads side of the extended family! tomorrow I think will be a chill day!

qotd: (preemptive apology to those who hate a drawn out Christmas season, but I'm alllll about it hahahah) what's your favourite Christmas movie? I'm a fan of most of them, but my mus****ch each year includes Elf, and White Christmas. The grinch, and some version of a Christmas Carol.


i don't have a set plan, the work party will be lasagna and chicken fingers and fries... So I'll pack a yogurt and a protein bar for the morning I think. Dinner is a turkey meal, sooo that.

Have a good one!

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RNY on 03/23/16

Morning Erin.... What a fun that party sounds like!!

I am bummed about my today we had three events to attend this afternoon and this evening and I can't go. Last Sunday I was diagnosed with shingles and it decided it wanted to attached itself to my face. I am lucky that my eye has been clear other than it was swollen shut for three days and I look like I lost the fight I was in. However, I am considered to be contagious for 7-10 days from when I broke out and that was last Sunday so even though I feel fine and I look OK other than my face looks like I have a rash on it I will be a good soldier and miss all the fun activities. But anyway the good thing is I have been working from home and let me tell you I have been getting it done. Anyway enough of my tale of sadness... It's Christmas time... Let's hear about some cheer..

QOTD: I have two favorite Christmas movies National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Elf.... We have a tradition in our house that on Christmas Eve we order Chinese take ou****ch these two movies and Charlie Brown Christmas on a VHS a tape and my 22 year old is very specific that Charlie Brown must be viewed that way because that is the way she has always watch it. Edited to add I have to add Moonlight and Mistletoe how can I not love a movie my daughter is in.... Even though she only has parts as an extra we can still see her and she got paid for her part!

Food for the day:

B: Coffee w/ premier scrambled egg whites w/ salsa and cheese

L: soup (my grandmother made a vat of it for an Army when she heard I was sick)

D: BBQ Brisket (my brother sent my husband up a bunch of BBQ because he said he knew I would not feel like cooking)...

Have a great Saturday everyone...

on 12/2/17 4:17 am

Really sorry to know you have shingles! I hope it's not too excruciatingly painful, and that you feel better soon.

on 12/2/17 6:28 am - Bomoseen, VT
RNY on 03/23/16

Thank you honestly I was told to expect lots of pain and most of my pain has been in the form of a headache due to the fact that one eye was doing the work for two. So knock on wood for that....

on 12/2/17 4:48 am

I'm sorry you are having to miss out by taking one for the team. Here's wishing you an extra portion of cheer once you feeling better.


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on 12/2/17 6:31 am - Bomoseen, VT
RNY on 03/23/16

Thank you... I think I am most bummed about not being able to see my husband play this afternoon. At the college he works at the President is retiring and he played for the inauguration so now he is playing retirement 16 years later. So I am missing that whole reception.

on 12/2/17 3:49 pm

What does hubby play?


Surgery 05-08-18 hw 317, consult wt 278, surgery weight 252. M1 -20, M2-5, M3-8, M4-6

on 12/2/17 6:10 pm - Bomoseen, VT
RNY on 03/23/16

My husband plays guitar. He is actually a jazz musician who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in professional music. Unfortunately he does not get to play as much as he used to so this would have been real treat to see him.

on 12/2/17 7:15 pm

Yes that's a tough break. Maybe they videoed it?


Surgery 05-08-18 hw 317, consult wt 278, surgery weight 252. M1 -20, M2-5, M3-8, M4-6

on 12/2/17 5:28 am
RNY on 02/28/17

So sorry that you have the shingles. Please take good care and heal quickly.

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