Ugh, Homework

Nov 17, 2011

 That is what I thought when my support group leader assigned us 'homework' last week. The assignment was super simple but still gave that feeling of dread. The assignment was to bring a pen to group this week. Huh? Bring a pen? This meant writing. This meant trouble. Not that I mind writing but hell, its support group. We talk feeling and stuff like that. Bringing a pen meant writing them down. Don't like that part.

So, fast forward to this week. Totally forget about the assignment. Totally forget that feeling of dread over writing feelings. Get to group. Dang, is it ever crowded. We have most definitely outgrown our meeting space but there is nowhere else we can go right now. More on that in another post on another day.

So, leader has brought in a vendor of products ta ht are going to start being available in local stores eventually. Products are actually pretty good. Liquid protein concentrate that doesn't taste like crap. Once he is done, we get into some discussions, no mention of homework, not that I have remembered either. I had run to the bathroom and while I was out she had passed out half sheets of paper. Mine had carb information on it. Weird but ok. 

Then she hits us with it. Homework time, get out your pens. OK, not a problem, I always have pens. Here it comes. 

We are going to be writing down goals. Not really goals that we can say this is what I want to do. Well, yeah sorta, but they are specific ones. Here goes:

1. What is something you want to accomplish in 6 months.
2. What exercise do you want to be doing 6 months from now that you are not doing now.
3. What relationship do you want to improve/have in the next 6 months
4. What you want your weight to be.
5. something thast you want to change in how you are eating. 
6. Something you wish for.

Here is what I made my goals:
1. Get all the crap out of my room and get the room finished (painting, etc)
2. Walk one hour a day, five times a week, at least three miles
3. I want to have a better relationship with my journal (as in write in it more)
4. 180 lbs
5. give up between meal snacking
6. I wish for something to happen in my life that will make me feel comfortable about moving out of my parents house. This is going to be a tough one. 
7. I am adding this one - more frequent blogging. At least once per week. 

Mary, our leader didn't say they had to be weight loss related, just goals. Here goes. I am challenged. Lets see what I can do with is.


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