Love Thanksgiving

15 Reasons To Love Thanksgiving

November 22, 2023

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? It’s a much anticipated holiday of many traditions that brings family and friends together, a time for food festivities where recipes are shared and made, and a holiday to remember all that we are thankful for. There are so many reasons to love Thanksgiving day! Here are 15 reasons to embrace the holiday and enjoy it!

15 Reasons To Love Thanksgiving


Delicious Food

We can look forward to many of our all -time favorite dishes; Turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, casseroles, veggies, and pies.


Fall Decorations

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to decorate your house and make it cozy with the warm colors of the fall season.


Thanksgiving Parades

Many hometowns celebrate with a parade of floats, balloons, bands, and ways to honor local residents. Of course, there is always the world famous Macy’s Parade to look forward to!


Family Traditions

It’s always fun to break out those board games, spend family time watching movies, go for a family walk together, and to sit back and catch up with loved ones.


Cooking and Baking

The aroma of all the delicious dishes in the midst  of making is priceless! On Thanksgiving, these traditions bring families together in the kitchen where stories are remembered and told, laughter can be heard, and more memories are created.



Those leftovers are often even better than the first time around! And you get to mix it up by making turkey sandwiches or soup, turkey pot pie, ham sliders, mashed potato pancakes and more!


Family and Friends

Thanksgiving is an at home holiday where you get to reconnect with family and friends and even meet new people who are invited guests.


Long Weekend

Thanksgiving is often a 4-day weekend for many! And a perfect time to get some rest and relaxation.


Gratitude and Reflection

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude for the blessings in our lives, a day to be thankful, and a day to reflect on our lives and about the people and things that matter most.


No Gifts Necessary

No pressure on this holiday! The stress of exchanging and buying gifts is not expected.


Thanksgiving Kicks Off the Holiday Season

A popular family tradition is to use the Thanksgiving holiday to start decorating for Christmas.



A day of exciting football games brings family members together to root on their favorite teams.


Volunteering/Paying it forward

Although every day of the year is a day to volunteer and give back to your community, Thanksgiving is a time of the year where many feel more inclined to volunteer at shelters or pay it forward by donating turkeys and other food.


All Things Pumpkin

From pumpkin pies, pumpkin carving contests, pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin pie martinis, to pumpkin bread and cookies…if you love pumpkin, there is no shortage of ideas to include it in your festivities at Thanksgiving time.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of the busiest shopping days of the year bring lots of deals and discounts. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday occurs 4 days after turkey day.

These are just a few of the many reasons to love Thanksgiving. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving holiday. May it be filled with gratitude, love, and laughter.

Tammy J. Colter is an OH staff writer and has proudly served the ObesityHelp community since 1999.

Love Thanksgiving


Tammy J. Colter is an OH staff writer and has proudly served the ObesityHelp community since 1999, helping members and professionals alike. Tammy wears many hats at ObesityHelp, she works as an author, editor, and account manager. Read more articles by Tammy!