Are You A Food Addict?

October 24, 2012

We asked OH Members...Are You A Food Addict?

OH Members who answered yes, remember the moments when they finally accepted that they were addicted to food:

I realized I was literally only looking forward to meal times. I would wake up and wonder, “Hmm, I think I’ll get chicken nuggets for lunch, but what about dinner.” That was a sad know that the only good things I had in my life were meals.-nebrow2

I knew I was a food addict when I realized food was the highlight of my day.-sleeve genie

You're a food addict if:

You make 10 desserts for Thanksgiving and try all of them in one day.
Your file cabinet at work is stuffed with junk food instead of files.
You go to an all you can eat buffet and then stop to get a large milkshake on the way home.
You buy bags and bags of candy for Halloween and then have to rush out at the last minute and buy more for the trick-or-treaters.
Your kitchen resembles a WalMart. -5100kikikl

I began crying hysterically every time a McDonald’s commercial came on the TV after my RNY.-Melinda A

When I’d be eating one meal and thinking about the next. When a food commercial would come on and I’d crave whatever it was being advertised. When I’d be full yet couldn’t bare to not eat just a little bit more.-mandajolyn

I started hoarding food that I don’t even particularly like just because it was there.-So Blessed

I realized I was hiding food from my family so they wouldn’t eat it before I had a chance to. And to make matters worse, I would stop at a fast food place on my way home from work and eat it in the car before I got home and made dinner!-Paige E

When one day at work we had a meeting (in our conference room) and the boss had ordered pizza. I had one piece (so as not to look like I ate allot) and then completely obsessed about the pizza that was left over - for the remainder of the meeting - and I wasn’t even hungry, physically, anymore. In fact, I later realized I had no idea what the meeting was even about. -shaemarc

When I’d eat dinner with my family and then eat dinner with my boyfriend later in the evening. It was so important for me to not say “no” to anyone that I’d have double dinner about once a week.-austinglobe

My husband said he knew I was an addict because I stole food and didn’t care who it belonged to. He said when it comes to food, I am no longer reasonable. -Ansampson

I finally accepted that I was a food addict when I realized the first thing I said to the kids at work was, “what’s for breakfast?” Then I would look forward to seeing the schedule for the day because it had the lunch menu. The kids would yell from their room to let me know if they had bacon that morning as they knew it was my favorite. When I look back now those were really sad days. My, how far I have come. Now I ask what fruit they have in the morning. I still like food but I don’t live to eat anymore. I eat to live. -Hambear

I knew I was a food addict when...As my husband and I finished dinner we would say, “What’s next?” -LThompson

I finally realized I was a food addict when...
I would rather watch the Food Network than a presidential debate. -rlogue

I finally accepted that I was a food addict when I realized that every waking, breathing minute of my day is spent thinking about/planning food. It is my friend. My lover. It is my high, like heroin or cocaine to a drug addict. Something I go to in times of depression, times of anger, times of loneliness, times of happiness or celebration. -Marilyn

I finally realized that I tried to solve all of life’s problems with food. When I was sad, I ate. When I was depressed, I ate. When I was stressed, I ate. When I was happy, I ate. Food has ALWAYS been a “huge” part of my life! Food addiction is FINALLY recognized as a disease and we can get professional help for it. -Tammy Parker

I realized I had some unresolved food issues when I ran out of space for cook books and the random recipe pages I’d printed off for rainy day experiments were overflowing the kitchen. -Tiff

When I realized I was going to the grocery store because I wanted to, not because I needed to. When I spent more time planning what foods I would buy for my day off binge than my household budget. When one package, bag, container, etc. of my favorite binge food wasn’t enough and I started buying multiples. When I couldn’t go to bed and read without food. When I would drop a comment about my “kids at home” when I’d order enough food at a drive-thru restaurant to feed a family of five...when I was actually single. -Lisa O.

You are a food addict when you dream of eating a hot fudge sundae and you wake up with dried chocolate drippings on your chin and mouth because you have had an episode of sleepwalking throughout the night! -Bre K.

I accepted that I was a food and closet addict when I found myself outside See’s candy, in my car, eating a pound of chocolate. I would eat the entire box in one sitting and if no one was home, the See’s candy lasted longer. I felt comfy eating alone. -terryrow61

I realized I was a food addict when I woke up with containers on my nightstand where I had “eaten” myself to sleep and then got right up and started eating breakfast. Food had become a 24 hour obsession. That’s when I went to ST. V for my RNY. -Traci S.

-Photo courtesy of labdog10

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