Before After Lap-Band with Myra

Before & After Lap-Band with Myra, losing 70lbs!

January 9, 2018

Why I Decided to Have WLS

Being overweight has always been my life. I remember in grade school that I was the one chosen last for gym teams. I could not flip on the gym mats or run in field day. I remember not having friends. I was never in invited to birthday parties or sleepovers.

By age 12, my self-image was horrible. I remember writing in a journal about how fat I was and that I would never be good enough. I remember thinking what is the point of living. The summer before 6th grade is when I began my journey of yo-yo dieting. From that day, I tried every diet that there was. I would see every info commercial about weight loss and had to try it.

I was always the first in the stores to try the new weight loss magic pill. I would lose the weight and life would be great. I had friends. I continued this trend all through middle and high school. Then as a young adult starting college, life really got hard. My freshman year I gained 30 pounds.

I let food become my drug. I would constantly think about it and had to have it. I let food be the ruler of my life. I would leave my dorm at 11 pm and go to a drive through.

Then by my senior year, I realized I needed to lose weight and start life over again. So I found the next diet fad whatever the latest one was, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Adipex diet pills, etc. I would lose the weight and keep it off for a few months then regain it. My yo-yo dieting continued. By age 30, I was tired all the time and my back hurt. I wasn’t enjoying life. It wasn’t until my daughter was 2 when I decided to have weight loss surgery. I remember looking at my 2-year-old little girl crying and thinking, I do not want her growing up with a destructive self-image as I did. I want her to grow up happy and healthy.

Before & After Lap-Band with MyraBefore & After Lap-Band with Myra

Surgery Type: LAGB – August 23, 2013
Surgeons Name: Dr. John Mobley
Weight lost: 70 pounds

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

On August 23, 2013, I had lap band surgery. The first two years post-op was easy. I followed the rules and followed up regularly with my surgeon, Dr. John Mobley. I focused on protein at every meal. I stayed away from junk food and stopped drinking soda. I lost 60 pounds. On January 2016, life began to get hard again. I was having family and work issues.

I was staying stressed and I had to get fluid taken out of my band due to the work and family issues that were happening. Once the fluid was taken out I noticed I could eat again. My portion size increased and I was choosing junk food because it made me feel better. I quit going to my follow up appointments. Nine months later, my old habits came back in my life along with a 30-pound weight regain.

I finally made an appointment to see my surgeon and start my weight loss journey again. I remember thinking, I have worked too hard to have surgery and fail again, my little girl needs me and I want to be successful. I put my foot down and said to myself, "No more, I choose to live!" I began to think about why I was eating. After several follow-up appointments with Dr. Mobley, I finally got it. He was able to help me understand the importance of food. He is a great cheerleader who truly understands since he is a lap band patient himself.

Milestones and NSV's

I started making baby steps to change my diet especially focusing on protein and water. I began relying on my lap band as a tool to help control my fullness. I began to exercise. I started to train for 5Ks and half marathons. The best thing about having a lap band is that it allows for life to happen. As of today, I am 70 pounds lighter. I am able to go out and run with my daughter. I can wash dishes without back pain. I no longer feel tired all the time. I am enjoying life!

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