Before After RNY with WatchPattiMelt

Before & After RNY with WatchPattiMelt, losing 205 pounds!

November 7, 2017

Why I decided to have WLS

My true struggles with obesity started in my mid 20's.  Prior to that, I did have various times in my life where I would gain/lose weight (losing it in not the most healthy of ways), but it did not become overwhelming until I got into a vicious cycle with my weight increasing at about 27 years of age. I lost control.  There are many reasons, to me, obesity is a symptom of an underlying problem(s), and I was in serious denial.

There are many reasons... To me, obesity is a symptom of an underlying problem(s), and I was in serious denial.  Through my 30's and early 40's, I tried various diet programs, I even worked at Jenny Craig! :), Weight Watchers, HCG, Jenny Craig, Lindora, The Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, you name it, I tried it.  But the amount I had to lose was too overwhelming and I would quickly lose motivation if I did not see the results of my efforts.

A dear friend of mine had RNY gastric bypass 10 years prior to me. I remember vividly thinking to myself then, I should probably really look into that. Of course, time passed, I was afraid, and the denial continued.

In my mid 40's, I started to feel the effects of my weight. My knees were aching, I had sleep apnea and was just diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. My father also died an early death at 59 because he was also obese. I knew I was on the same path if I did not take some serious steps.  With the support of my family, I sought out the help of my GP at Kaiser and started the WLS pre-education. At the same time, I also started Opti-fast to get a start on losing my weight. I weighed 360 pounds at my highest.  I lost a total of 70 pounds before having my gastric bypass on 4/15/2014.  On my surgery day, I weighed 290 pounds.

Before & After RNY with WatchPattiMelt

OH Username: WatchPattiMelt
Total Weight Loss:  205 lbs
Surgery Type:  RNY Gastric Bypass
Surgery Date:  4/15/2014
Surgeon: Dr. Robert Zane

Before & After RNY with WatchPattiMelt

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

My RNY surgery experience was really great, overall. My healthcare provider had an incredible 12-week pre-education requirement that prepared me for what to expect and it definitely helped reduce my stress since I did know what to expect. 

I also obtained a great education through forums like ObesityHelp and by following the journeys of others on YouTube. Many of these folks have now become dear friends.

I did quite well as a post op. My goal was to lose 1/2 of my body weight going from 360 pounds to 180 pounds.  I was able to achieve my goal within 15 months of my RNY surgery. I am a rule follower, and that is exactly what I can attribute my success to. I have since had extensive plastic surgery to remove my excess skin and my current weight range is 155 to 160 pounds, which I am very comfortable with.

Life today as a post-op is so "free-ing." Those nagging feelings of being cognisant of my super morbidly obese state are gone.  It has been a life changer on so many levels. I no longer worry about how I will be perceived or potentially judged. I don't worry about clothes fitting. I don't worry about people thinking I am lazy. I don't worry that I won't fit in a chair or that I will break furniture or fit in a plane seat.

I will NEVER take my new freedom for granted.  The bondage of these thoughts I am now free of. I think about all of the time I spent in that hell. But, I had to make the decision and only when I was ready. I am thankful that I finally got to that most ugly breaking point. It took me from complete breakdown to total breakthrough.  I am blessed!

A Special Milestone / Non-Scale Victory

Every minute of every day that my mind has been freed from the challenges of obesity is my favorite NSV.

How has been a part of your journey?

OH was especially supportive to me when I was first researching weight loss surgery.  It became increasingly important to me when I started doing my research for my various skin removal/plastic reconstructive surgeries. The portal is an invaluable source of excellent information and I am so very thankful.

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