Before & After VSG with Deneen

Before & After VSG with Deneen, losing 95 pounds!

March 5, 2019

Why I Decided to Have WLS

In January of 2011, after the holidays, I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror with total disgust. I never had a weight issue up to 4 years prior. I was always a very tiny petite person who all the sudden tried every diet and shake imaginable finding myself from a size 6 in clothes to now maternity weighing in at 224.6 pounds.

Yes, the few prior years were very rough on me. One example was the sudden loss of my father but I never resorted to food so I never understood why the weight gain. I didn’t change any eating habits. I found myself going down a path that I couldn’t stop without intervention surgically.

I did research online and out of all of the gastric bypass surgeons out there I was drawn to Dr. Baranov. The website was so informative and made me feel at ease wanting to discover more about the process. I contacted the office and there was a cancellation for the following morning's seminar and the day after was the initial consultation. I took it as a sign to book them. I went to the seminar notebook in hand and listened to every word Dr. Baranov and his team explained the process and the expectations. I was excited!

I went home showing my husband everything and he was a bit nervous but agreed to go with me to my initial consultation. At my initial consultation, both the doctor, my husband and I decided the gastric sleeve would be more advantageous for me. If I followed everything, it was expected that I could get down to 143 pounds. I was excited! I was in! My husband supported me 100 %. I was determined. I had to lose 24 pounds.

I decided I was doing this for me and my health. Let me explain. My dad died of a major heart attack. Heart issues, diabetes, joint issues, and other issues all ran in my family. I was already suffering from joint issues. My knees we’re crunching and my feet would be swelling at the end of the night so badly we’d have to ice them. I couldn’t walk long distances because my feet hurt so bad.

I was doing this to get myself back and save my life. I lost 24 pounds!

Before & After VSG with Deneen

OH username:  Deneen C.
Total Weight Loss: 95 pounds
Surgery Type: VSG
Surgery Date: July 5, 2016
Surgeon: Dr. Dmitri Baranov

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

I had gone through all the required testing and my surgery was on! I can’t thank the whole entire office enough for helping me get through that period. I was scheduled for July 5, 2016. I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I started my liquid diet. It was difficult since it was around the Independence Day holiday so I had to watch everyone eating. I stood my ground. I was determined. The morning arrived and I was the second surgery of the day. IV’s were placed and my blood was drawn. They brought my husband in and before I knew it, I was out. I woke up feeling relieved and happy.

Now the drinking of water began. I was drinking every few minutes. This was very important...drink...drink...drink. I was released the following day, drinking the required water and started my journey down the weekly diet chart. I was really never hungry but would take a few bites anyway.

The hardest part for me was when I progressed to eating fish. I’m not a lover of fish and stayed on the mashed potatoes and ate tuna fish. One thing I always remember is not drinking a half hour prior, 20 minutes to eat and no drinking during or an hour after you eat. When going out to dinner, I barely ate so we’d get children’s meals for me.  Going out to dinner was difficult in the beginning. I would see others drinking while I couldn’t. After explaining multiple times to waitresses/waiters, I decided it was just easier to order water and place it on the other side of the table and ignored it. I always remembered Dr. Baranov’s saying “listen to the pouch! Always respect that pouch.” I followed the diet exactly and the weight started to come off.

Before & After VSG with Deneen

I found myself purchasing two pairs of pants every couple of weeks going down in size. I was getting excited. I kept following the diet and more weight was falling off. I started looking in the mirror and I saw a light at the end of the horrible tunnel. I was so proud I went from 224.6 pounds to exceeding my goal of 143 getting down to my last appointment two years later on my anniversary I weighed 129.4.

Special Milestones and Non-Scale Victories

I’m in a size 4 and I look into the mirror and I can smile. I got myself back better than I was before. Better than I’ve ever been. My feet no longer swell. My knees are much better and I can walk. I’m no longer being threatened by my primary care doctor with cholesterol medication anymore since my blood tests come back perfect. My body now receives the required vitamins as directed by Dr. Baranov which is a lifetime commitment that I was willing to live with.

My advice to anyone is not to be scared and embrace the lifestyle change.

For those who have fought with their weight all their lives or like me over a few years, this isn’t a miracle procedure but it does require a commitment to the diet, drinking the required water and other guidelines. If you follow the guidelines, you will see the results.

Before & After VSG with Deneen

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