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Does Weight Loss Surgery Impact the Risk of Heart Disease?

June 3, 2019 · 0 comments

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. More specifically, heart disease is the cause of about 630,000 deaths, or one in four deaths, in the U.S. every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. There are numerous risk factors

Happy Memorial Day 2019 4

Happy Memorial Day 2019: Day of Remembrance

May 26, 2019 · 0 comments

Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend. It is a day in the United States to honor and remember the men and woman that have lost their lives in military service to our country. How to Commemorate the Special Holiday of Memorial Day Mark the day in remembrance

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Is It Possible To Love Exercise After Bariatric Surgery?

February 4, 2019 · 0 comments

I specialize in exercise for a living and sometimes I dread doing it myself, but at the same time, I’ve come to love it!  If exercise is something that doesn’t come naturally, how can you embrace it and come to love it? How to Love Exercise After Bariatric Surgery Yes,

Bariatric Surgery: What Happens From the Consult to Surgery!

Bariatric Surgery: What Happens From the Consult to Surgery!

January 25, 2019 · 0 comments

If you decide that bariatric surgery is right for you, the time from consult to surgery is more like a roller-coaster than a smooth Ferris wheel. You may vacillate between second-guessing and walking on a cloud of happiness, lose some sleep and discuss it endlessly with your trusted support team.

Transformation After Bariatric Surgery

Willpower vs Enthusiasm for Transformation After Bariatric Surgery

January 7, 2019 · 0 comments

It’s Monday morning at 7 AM and you’re lying in bed scrolling through your social media newsfeeds desperately searching for that motivation that’ll get you off your butt and into the gym to achieve your goal for transformation after bariatric surgery. Kings of the Jungle? It seems like you’re sifting

goals after bariatric surgery

Happy New Year! Reach Your Goals After Having Bariatric Surgery!

December 31, 2018 · 0 comments

Now that the Holidays are behind us, have you set the goals you want to achieve in 2019? Let's ring in the New Year prepared and ready to accomplish your goals after bariatric surgery for the success you want! Reach Your Goals After Bariatric Surgery There is a big difference

Happy Healthy Holidays With Bariatric Surgery Support 2

Happy Healthy Holidays With Bariatric Surgery Support!

December 24, 2018 · 0 comments

The ObesityHelp Team wishes all of the ObesityHelp Community members, visitors, and social media community a Happy Healthy Holiday! Some might think that having bariatric surgery limits their Holidays but it doesn't have to. In fact, changing your focus during the Holidays from food to your family and friends, your traditions, and what

Three Clinical Faces of Obesity

The Three Clinical Faces of Obesity

September 21, 2018 · 0 comments

In my experience, patients presenting with obesity tend to fall into three categories, each of which requires a distinct management approach. The three clinical faces of obesity are 1) Active Gainers, 2) Weight Stable, and 3) Post-Weight Loss. Clinical Faces of Obesity: #1 Active Gainers Active Gainers are patients currently

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