Celebrity Alert…Is That Richard Simmons And Tinkerbell?

October 5, 2013

Richard Simmons has been a friend of ObesityHelp members for many years and he has been known to personally visit the bedsides of OH members when they were in their greatest time of need!  But imagine our surprise when he showed up at the ObesityHelp/Premier Nutrition Meet & Greet costume party!  Here he is posing with Disney celeb Tinkerbell!  Go figure!

Ok...well, we are betting that Richard Simmons was there with us at the Meet & Greet in spirit as was Disney's Tinkerbell but that's actually OH member Jeep1974 as Richard Simmons and Obesityhelp staff member and inspirational advocate Saralicious as Tinkerbell!  These ladies are celebrities in their own right.  Priceless!