February Spotlight: Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Photos

February 19, 2015

ObesityHelp Members Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Celebrations

Every day, we see ObesityHelp members reaching amazing goals, embracing health and wellness, and celebrating non-scale victories. Today we're celebrating three OH members by sharing their weight loss surgery Before and After photos. A big high five and congrats to the members below…


shawnlynn-wls-before-and-afterObesity Help Member: Shawnlynn
Weight Loss Total: 123 lbs
Surgery Type: Roux-en-Y (12/18/09)
Bariatric Surgeon: John Gens M.D., F.A.C.S.

I have just reached my 5 year Anniversary and felt like I should update my profile and send in some before & after pictures to share my story. I had struggled my whole life like many others with Yo-Yo dieting that never seemed to keep the weight off. My highest weight during the year I had my surgery was 264 lbs. after having my gallbladder out and being diagnosed with Lupus, dangerously high blood pressure along with being borderline diabetic I decided I’d better do something about it before it was too late.

I attended the informational seminar in October of 2009 at 236 lbs. with a BMI of 39 and 4 co-morbidities. On December 18th 2009 I went in for RNY Gastric Bypass surgery at 218 lbs. after losing the required weight by my hospital weight loss surgery center. About 4 months later I had reached my half-way point and then sometime around October 2010, 10 months after my surgery I reached my goal weight of 130 lb weight loss, weighing about 135 lbs. In June of 2012 about 2 1⁄2 months after my abdominoplasty I was at my lowest weight of about 123 lbs. I remained at this weight for about a year and a half until I decided to try and put on about 10 lbs in hopes of stabilizing my circulation and my strength which I was having a problem with. I reached my 5 year mark on December 18th 2014 and bounce between 135 – 143 lbs. I went from a size 22 all the way to a 0 and stabilized between a sizes 4-8 depending on the type of clothing.

I hardly ever weigh myself anymore which I never thought I would be able to do that, I just try to pay attention to how I feel in my clothing. Most days I am very thankful for the opportunity to have had this surgery, however there are days when things are hard. I would never regret having my surgery, life on the “other side” as I refer to it though, is not what I pictured it to be. Being thin is not the ANSWER TO ALL LIFE’S PROBLEMS it just makes you a healthier to deal with them."


WLS Before and After

Obesity Help Member: wcdaniel
Weight Loss Total: 105 lbs
Surgery TypeRoux-en-Y (10/06/14)
Bariatric Surgeon: Dr. Michael Kia

I should've done this years ago! I have more energy, I'm more active, I'm healthier, and I'm going to be around for a long time for my daughter! I feel "normal" for the first time in over 20 years.


WLS Before and After

Obesity Help Member: NCMGS
Weight Loss Total:  119 lbs
Surgery TypeRoux-en-Y
Bariatric Surgeon: Dr. Jamie Loggins

I'm very happy with my decision to have the RNY, my life has improve dramatically in every aspect. I chose to have the surgery because I felt my health was at risk, but I'm really enjoying my increased mobility and energy, not to mention vastly improved self-image.

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