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Fitness Comes in Many Sizes: 6 Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated!

November 25, 2019

For some, exercise is a natural reaction to a stressful day, needing to feel or look better or just wanting better health. For others, it can make them quiver at the thought of putting on workout clothes. Questions like, What do I do? How do I make that happen? Who can help me? are all legitimate questions. With the right information and motivation, a fitness program can be very positive, no matter what size or fitness level.

Sometimes taking that first step to good health can be a simple walk through the door of any fitness center or putting on a motivating and inspiring fitness DVD. For some, it might be a walk around the block. For others, it might be sitting in a chair and moving to the music. Whatever it is for you, it is vitally important to understand that exercise and movement are part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Beginning a Fitness Program

Deciding to begin a journey to wellness is the first step; it also takes courage, strength, and tenacity.

Exercise can be especially intimidating for a bariatric patient who might have been sedentary for a long time. If this is you and you're ready to start a fitness program, this might feel like the fight of your life. Initially, it may be scary and overwhelming, in time you will find it will be the best decision you ever made for your body as well as your mind.

It is vital that you stay in the now and not look back because this is the time to take your life back and take it to a new level. This is the time you will need to have that positive conversation with yourself. The conversation that will move you to be on your way to a happy and healthy life. The one that reminds you that you can do this and that you deserve to take better care of yourself.

Even though you might feel challenged, face discouragement, or have thoughts of defeat, know that you are certainly capable of beginning and finishing what you set out to do. You can have the victory if you just stay the course. You can do this; you are not a failure but a conqueror. Take a deep breath while looking up the ladder and put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

It's Time to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

It is so important to keep in mind that you deserve to be healthy and fitness is for all to embrace. Fitness comes in many sizes!

Our minds are battlefields when it comes to taking care of ourselves. This is not the time to give up or cave in, this is the time to fight back. Staying motivated on a fitness program requires that we tap into ourselves and get rid of any negative thoughts that will hinder our success.

We are not all going to be a size 2, but we are all meant to feel and look better at any size. Exercise is not just for skinny people, exercise is for all of us. This is your moment to shine! All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and take that first step. It is important to keep in mind who you are exercising for, YOU.

You might feel a little out of your comfort zone or even downright humiliated, but let me remind you that everyone does at first, it's normal. You need to keep telling yourself that you got this, that you can do this and understand that YOU are giving your body and mind what they need. While the thought of moving your body with others around can bring sheer anxiety, remember, now is the time to tap into the rest of who you are, mind, body, and soul.

6 Fitness Tips to Keep You Motivated!

Ask anyone what the hardest part of losing weight, keeping it off, and exercise is, they will most likely say “Staying Motivated!” Losing weight and starting a fitness program does not happen instantly; it takes focus, commitment, and tenacity. To see long term results, you will need to weather the storm. Even in the roughest waves, staying the course is vital. If you hang in there, eventually you will get into a rhythm. You will not only look better but feel terrific.

You lost the weight. Now, what do you do? It is time to take a deep breath, move into the unknown, and take that risk for yourself. Remember, at some point, you may fall but that is the time to just get back up and start again. We have all been there, you are not alone.
Begin every day with mental motivation. Get the day started with an “I can” attitude that is filled with gratitude.
Goals are important for any fitness program and they will help keep you on track. Start with small goals that might include a 15-minute walk, treadmill, or using a bike. Eventually, make it your next goal to incorporate some weight training, which is vital for muscle strength.
Find a workout buddy so you both can support each other and keep each other accountable. However, if that workout buddy takes a day off, it is important to hold yourself accountable for your actions.
You might want to initially hire a personal trainer who can come up with a workout designed especially for you. Most trainers will work within your budget.
If you are truly intimidated by being around others then get a fitness DVD and start at home with the goal of eventually joining a fitness center or gym.

Finally, remember this! There is no perfection for any of us. Do not compare yourself to anyone else.  Do not focus on what others can do, this is your time to focus on what you need! It is through moving, sweating, and experiencing the amazing benefits of regular exercise that you can change your life. You might even begin to love it. By moving and breathing, you will feel better physically and mentally. Remember, YOU GOT THIS!

Fitness Tips

Debra Mazda


Debra Mazda, ME.d., CPT is the author of a new book and podcast called “EATING my SECRETS”. She is also creator of “Shapelygirl Fitness” DVD’s. Debra worked for Richard Simmons for years and has been teaching fitness for over 25 years. Her mission and passion is for all women to look and feel better about who they are, no matter their size or weight. She regularly conducts corporate, motivational workshops and seminars. Mazda lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her yellow lab, Chanel.