Goal Of The Month: Dance Like No One’s Watching!

October 17, 2012

Goal Of The Month:  I want to dance like no one’s watching!

Many of you have heard this famous inspirational quote:  “Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ll never get hurt, and … Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.”

October’s OH goal of the month has already been set by some of our member’s.  Recently, at our OH Atlanta event,  Zumba classes were led by Andrea Garnett and many of our OH members danced like no one was watching!  Oh staff member, Rusty Martinez was one of the members that set this as his goal and he says he achieved his goal in Atlanta,  "When you hear great music with a great rhythm, you just want to get out there and have fun.  Zumba is a fun and great way to make exercising part of your daily routine.  It's all about keeping it fun for me.”

Zumba instructor Andrea Garnett leading Rusty and other OH members in a fun dance!-Photo courtesy of Deborah Turrell.

Here's what other OH'ers are saying about dancing like no one's watching:

"I spent a lifetime worrying about how I looked, who watched me, and if I fit into the world.  Having surgery gave me a new start and a fresh pair of legs to start it with.  Dancing has always been something I enjoyed and I think if you’re going to dance you have to dance like no one's watching.   That is part of the problem though isn’t it?  Too many people watching and not enough people dancing.  If you are dancing, you're already braver than most!  Dance like you’re a star of your own show and you will never get voted off!"-Bo McCoy, VP of Operations,

"It's sometimes good for the soul to dance like when in high school! We didn't care who saw then!"-Kim Gyurina, OH Events Manager

"I actually do this every time I dance, because it is just that bad! " LOL!- Candace S.

"You've heard the saying, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching. FREEDOM!"- justthebeginning

" I would NEVER dance in public until after my RNY.  Two years post-op, I took dancing lessons. I learned to Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Swing dance, Waltz, you name it. I was embarrassed at first but now I just have fun. I have even spun around & landed on my butt in the middle of the dance floor. My friend just grabbed my hand, pulled me back up, and we had a good laugh, & continued to dance "LIKE NO ONE WAS WATCHING" : ) LOL! Before my WLS, I would have died of embarrassment and wanted to crawl somewhere & hide. (You wouldn't have been able to pick me up off that floor with just one arm!)  Now I'm 11 yrs post-op and I don't worry about whose watching anymore.  Waning Woman and I own the stage at the OZ club in NOLA! "-kat2000

"I just want to dance like no one is watching in front of my teens.  Nothing like embarrassing your own kids. Makes up for the times when they were the kid crying and carrying on in the mall or grocery store. :)"- twins4meplus1

"I have twin grandsons, age 6 and their lil' sis, age 4, and we dance all over the house, but to dance in public?  Umm, not so much! I want to feel so secure in my own changing body that I can dance anywhere and it is okay, because I am OKAY with myself. :)-"poohbearsMeeMee

Dancing like no one's watching at the OH Atlanta event.  -Photo courtesy of Deborah Turrell.

Where ever you may be on your weight loss journey, and no matter what size you are, take time to dance like no one's watching.  Dancing, no matter what kind, is good for the soul!

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Photo by ashleyrosex (Feature photo)