Holidays Without “Over” Doing It

December 24, 2020

We all look forward to the holidays and hope that they will be a time of happiness, love, and treasured memories. Unfortunately, our anticipation and excitement can turn into a series of many “overs”. It is important that we enjoy the Holidays without "over" doing it.

Part of what happens in the holiday season is the expectation of perfection with the perfect meal, perfect gifts, perfect family harmony, perfect trips, and other perfects. As a result of reaching for perfection, as well as added opportunities for indulgence, stress and anxiety can build up during the holidays.

Enjoy your holidays by avoiding the holiday “overs” of the season

OVER-SCHEDULING: Review your time for the weeks during the holidays. Be sure to plan carefully for the important parties and get-togethers. Set priorities and allow sufficient time so you aren’t over-extended. Make sure to say “no” when you or your family members are becoming over-scheduled.

OVER-EATING: There are many holiday treats and goodies that are available. Keep your focus on family, friends, and the personal celebration of the season. Overindulgence of food will bring negative consequences by making you feel worse physically and emotionally.

OVER-SPENDING: Create a budget for holiday gifts, parties, and groceries for holiday meals, and stick to it. Remember that those credit card bills will come in to greet you in January. You don’t want to over-spend to the point that you’re paying it off or financially catching up into the next year.

OVER-EXPECTING: Make sure that you are realistic in your expectations for your holidays this season. Remember what you and your family are celebrating. The delusion of perfection doesn’t belong in your plans or celebrations.

OVER-BEARING: Whether it is a boss, co-worker, or relatives, the holidays can bring out the over-bearing qualities in these types of people. Keep up your personal boundaries as to what interactions you’ll become involved in. Stay with safe topics in conversations to minimize dysfunctional disagreements.

OVER-LOADING: Don’t wait until the last minute to go shopping for the right gifts for those people on your list. Don’t put off visiting the grocery store in the final days of the holidays when they are most crowded and stock is limited. Save time by planning ahead and doing some of your shopping online. Stock up on grocery items so that you’ll have what you need ahead of holiday parties and get-togethers.

Be realistic and don’t overstretch yourself, your family, your time, or your finances. Allow the only “over” on your holiday is to be one of overly happy!

Celebrate your way, without any over-anythings! Plan ahead. When you have a plan, stick to it. Include in your plan a budget, gift list, holiday menus and dishes, and a schedule that includes getting in your exercise routine. Make sure you allow time for parties and get-togethers that are important to you.

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