Setting Goals And Achieve

It’s Time to Set Goals & Achieve Them With These 8 Must-Read Articles!

January 7, 2021

Set Goals and Achieve Them!

Are you ready to set goals and achieve them? We've gathered 8 helpful articles to help and support you with your goal-accomplishing journey!

It is important to remember that we can set goals and achieve them year-round. We never need to wait until January 1st to begin making our lives better. Almost 50% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions, however, only 8% actually achieve those resolutions. According to the U.S. News & World Report, 80% of us drop our resolutions by the end of February. So make sure to embrace all 365 days!

What's the difference between Resolutions and Goals? 
Resolutions: A firm decision to do or not to do something. 
 The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

As you set goals, keep these in mind:

  • Goals should not be rigid.
  • Goals provide a direction to follow to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Goals involve intention setting, planning, preparing, and taking realistic action.

Keep in mind how awesome you'll feel after you've conquered your goals!

Get ready, get set, and go set goals and achieve them! Check out these 8 must-read articles!

Set Goals And Achieve Them!


New You

Be SMART to a Healthy New You: Tips for Setting & Achieving Your Health Goals!

Authored by Elaine Lozano, MS, RDN
Goals can be set at any time in the year. Check out these goal setting tips to improve the chances of successfully meeting Health Goals for a new you!



10 Ways To Stay Focused and Meet Your Goals

Authored by Christina Sparks, PhD
Check out these 10 important Weight Loss Surgery tips. They will help you to stay focused and support you to meet your goals!


Setting Goals And Achieve

Hoping to Get & Stay Motivated? Why More Willpower is Not the Answer

Authored by Shawn Hondorp, PhD
Is motivation a problem for you? Learn how to stay motivated using different techniques for the best formula that works best for a healthy weight loss surgery journey!


stay motivated with lifestyle changes

Stay Motivated with Lifestyle Changes & 5 Steps for Your Promise

Authored by Dr. Willo Wisotsky
Making lifestyle changes needs daily motivation. Find out how to stay motivated with lifestyle changes and 5 steps to make your own "Promise" for success!


Setting Goals And Achieve

Create a 3-Step Plan To Be Your Best Self

Authored by Connie Stapleton, PhD
One of the ways to become your best self is to create a plan that you can follow. You can be a better you by accomplishing what is most important to you!


new habits

Battling Old Habits With Better New Habits

Authored by Jean Marie Rafferty
Are you ready to create some better new habits? See how The Habit Loop and the SMART Formula can help guide you through the process!


Setting Goals And Achieve

Progress versus Perfection in the New Year & Beyond – a Revolution

Authored by Amanda Dutton, MS, LPC
Resolutions start us at the goal instead of working toward it. Let's try and see the progress versus perfection in the New Year!


new years day

New Years Day Can Be Any Day!

Authored by Cathy Wilson, PCC, BCC
Setting goals and making changes in our lives isn't limited to January 1st. New Years Day can be any day of the year you choose, including starting today!

Setting Goals And Achieve