ObesityHelp Conference Testimonials!

September 30, 2013

Hear What ObesityHelp Members Have to Say About OH Events!


Whether you are pre-op, post op, or a weight loss surgery veteran, Obesity Help events are both fun and educational no matter what leg of the journey you are on.

Nobody can understand the stigma of obesity other than another who has walked in those shoes. Being surrounded and supported by hundreds of people who HAVE walked the path is truly an amazing feeling. The last event I attended really changed my life and I made a lot of friends and connections that have helped me as I continue on my path to success.

I cannot speak highly enough of the OH staff, especially, Kim and Rusty. They are both warm and welcoming and I count them both in my group of encouragers.

If you can get a chance to attend an OH event, go! I sure know that I will.

- Waning Woman, http://waningwoman.com


This will be my 3rd OH event since joining this group prior to my surgery and I love attending. I’m very fortunate in that my husband has supported my travels as something for me to keep my motivation. That is the result of a almost 37 year successful marriage!

I know for us in Ontario it is a long way to travel, but let me tell you, the OH events are right up behind my surgery in best decisions I have made in my life. The connections I’ve made with other people who “get it”, the inspiring stories, the motivational speakers, the yummy product sampling and giveaways all make it so worth while.

I hope to see other Ontarians there as well!
- Jackie Stewart


The camaraderie, the opportunity to meet the people behind the avatars on the website. Seeing and meeting for the first time, and hugging people who feel like old friends already. That is the really special part, the friendships, and connections to other wls patients, those who really know and understand the challenges and joys we go through after the big step of having a weight loss surgery. I have met and made friends who have touched my life and I will never forget and will always consider my wonderful friends.

I am really looking forward to the 2013 OH event! can’t wait for it!

- Valerie Thomas


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