Announcement: OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers

OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers!

April 19, 2018

Announcing the OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers

We are thrilled to announce the OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers! Whether you're new to the ObesityHelp National Conferences or a repeat attendee, there will be sessions and activities right up your alley.

We're kicking off Friday morning with a Rise 'n Shine Yoga session to get your body moving and warmed up for the day. We'll then be having a Mix & Mingle with interactive games and prizes! You'll also have time to visit the Exhibitor Hall before heading into the OH2018 Friday Sessions. The Friday sessions are amazing! There is something for everyone from inspirational patient journeys to educational topics on weight regain, vitamin deficiencies, and Keto.

Check out the Friday Agenda, and stay tuned for more announcements including Fireside Chat, free Plastic Surgery Consultations, and all of the Saturday Breakout Sessions. This is a very special year for ObesityHelp, 2018 marks our 20th year in the bariatric community! We hope you'll join us to celebrate in Garden Grove, CA (Anaheim area) on October 5th & 6th. Also, don't forget to lock in the Early Bird savings price by April 30, 2018, to save $25. Regular admission starts May 1, 2018.

Laura Andromalos - Friday Speaker

Laura Andromalos, MS, RD, CD, CDE

The ketogenic, or keto, diet has become incredibly popular. It has been recognized for its weight loss effects as well as improvements in obesity-related conditions. Whether you’re already a keto pro or have no idea what a keto diet is, Laura’s session will provide you with an evidence-based look at the keto lifestyle, including practical tips for bariatric patients.

Since 2009, Laura has been helping bariatric patients reach their health goals. Among Laura’s many professional credentials and accomplishments, she is on the Integrated Health Executive Council for the ASMBS and an expert for the Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management exam.

Learn More:
To Keto or Not to Keto: A Dietitian's Perspective
Friday Speaker - Raelene Brooks

Rae Brooks, MSN, PhD, RN

Weight regain is a common concern and struggle among bariatric patients. Join Dr. Brooks’ session to find out what the latest research results are about regaining weight in bariatric patients that are 18+ months post-op. This session is a valuable way to stay apprised of the current bariatric research that can impact your life, so you can be proactive on your bariatric journey for the long haul!

Dr. Brooks is a researcher of bariatric surgery outcomes, she currently serves as the Dean of Nursing at San Diego City College. Her passion for studying weight loss outcomes in the bariatric community comes from her personal experience as a VSG post-op of five years.

Learn More:
Bariatric Surgery Regain & Long-Term Weight Loss: What the Research is Showing
Heidi Daniel

Heidi Daniel, RN, MSN, CBN

Building a support system is essential for long-term bariatric surgery success! It isn’t only important pre-op and early post-op, it is also vital long after the “honeymoon phase.” Join Heidi’s session, where she will discuss how a support system can help with motivation, accountability and avoiding or tackling weight regain.

Heidi is passionate about working with bariatric patients, for the past 15 years, she has been the Program Manager for St. Joseph Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Program. She holds a Master of Science and Nursing from Walden University. Heidi is also an allied health member of the ASMBS, as well as an ASMBS Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN).

Learn More:
Utilizing Your Support System for Accountability & Long-Term Success
Friday Speaker - Ash Krupnik

Ash Krupnik, Personal Stylist

When your body is changing so quickly after bariatric surgery, it can be both exciting and challenging to keep up with all of the new size adjustments. Join stylist Ash Krupnik, for this empowering workshop where she will share her favorite pointers on dressing your rapidly changing body with confidence.

Ash specializes in helping clients who have recently undergone a major life change. Whether it’s weight loss surgery, gender correction, or moms in their fourth-trimester postpartum period, Ash has a passion for helping her clients build confidence and empowering them to embrace their new bodies.

Learn More:
Bariatric Surgery Transformations - Dressing the Body You’re In Now

Bec McDorman, MS, RDN

Rise ’n Shine with Bec as she demonstrates modifications for common Yoga positions, you’ll get to enjoy Yoga in a way that works for you and your body! In 2012, Bec became a registered yoga teacher (RYT) through CorePower Yoga and teaches a variety of yoga formats, including laughter yoga. She encourages yoga as a practice for all levels.

As a post-op, Bec pursued her passion for nutrition and is now a registered dietitian and helps pre- and post-op bariatric patients with their journey. In June 2017, Bec completed her dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins and her Masters from Cal Poly Pomona.

Learn More:
Rise ’n Shine: Yoga For Your Body
Friday Speaker - Sloane Mendelsohn

Sloane Mendelsohn, MS, RD, LDN

You won’t want to miss Sloane’s session where you’ll learn about the most common deficiencies after bariatric surgery, what you can do to prevent them, the importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation, and how to apply the ASMBS Guidelines to your regimen.

Sloane Mendelsohn is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with over 15 years of professional experience. She is passionate about educating bariatric surgery patients on nutrition. Sloane has developed nutrition and weight management programs at two bariatric surgery centers and is the author of My Bari Good Life: The tools to track your journey through weight loss surgery.

Learn More:
Preventing Vitamin Deficiencies Post-Bariatric Surgery
Kathleen Nash - Friday Speaker

Kate Nash

At one time Kate weighed 315 pounds and struggled with body image and co-morbidities that exacerbated her weight issues. She used a walking cane to support her back and help with fatigue. Since VSG, Kate has lost 113 pounds and ditched her cane! She is now passionate about running and working out as healthy alternatives to deal with stress and boredom.

In Kate’s session, she’ll share how she has taken on the challenge of obesity and the fight for a healthy life. You can fully expect Kate to cut through the crap and keep it real as she discusses the lies, pitfalls, and traps that weight loss surgery patients can fall into!

Learn More:
Cut the Crap: Keeping it Real After WLS
OH2018 Speaker Scott Radcliff

Scott Radcliff

After having RNY, Scott lost 225 pounds and went from a size 51 pants to a size 32! Beyond the scale victories, Scott completely changed from within, learning to believe in himself. This change empowered Scott to run in over 400+ events from 5K's to Half Marathons, including the Reebok Ragnar 200 mile relays.

You're not going to want to miss Scott's inspirational story! In this session, he'll share the importance of being mentally on-board and transforming from within. Scott will also share his formula for long-term success; the three R's in his journey: Reflection, Recalibration, and Refocus.

Learn More:
Transforming From Within: Reflection, Recalibration, Refocus
Friday speaker - Diana Vogel

Diana Vogel, MS, LMFT

Diana has been the ObesityHelp National Conference Emcee and Conference Facilitator since 2014; she keeps the conference running smoothly and helps ensure that everyone has a great time! Don't miss the Friday Mix 'n Mingle with Diana; she'll be kicking off OH2018 with games, fantastic prizes and giveaways!

Diana is excited to bring two perspectives to the conference; a personal side, as well as a professional side. As a therapist, she believes in the power of change and that everyone is capable of achieving it. As a patient, she is walking proof that meeting our goals, and succeeding ones own expectations, can be a reality.

Learn More:
2018 ObesityHelp Conference Emcee

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