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Summertime and What It Means for a Weight Loss Journey

July 9, 2020

Summer and Your Weight Loss Journey

We made it! We have had a very difficult few months and we are finally here. Long, relaxing days of summer and pleasant evenings to get outside and stay outside longer. Summer goes by quickly. How do we optimize summertime and what it means for your weight loss journey? I’ll give you suggestions to make these days good for weight loss and how to truly make the most out of them.

Let’s start with the mantra of “It is not just about healthy eating; it is about being healthy.“ We want to eat well, of course, but we also want to sleep well, move our bodies, and enjoy these days. We are in it for life. Treat each day as a chance to live healthy."

Summer: Fruits & Vegetables and Hydration

Summer means bright colorful fruits and vegetables. Fill your fridge with all the colors in the rainbow for great nutrition. Use fruits as toppings for meals or desserts.

Keep raw veggies cut up and ready to go for an impromptu picnic, snack, or hike. This is the perfect time to plant your favorite veggies, spices, and herbs. There is nothing like going out back and picking your own fresh vegetables. Try something new. My favorite is jicama!

Summer means getting outside after a workday and enjoying those evening hours. Any chance you have to dine al fresco, take it! Enjoy the summer scenery and nature. Dine solo or share it with a family member or friend and think about your day and unwind. Pack light and enjoy the fresh air!

Summer means get crunchy. Add crunch to your salads. Raw veggies such as broccoli, orange or yellow peppers, carrots, celery, or jicama will add desirable crunch to your salads and keep you satisfied.  

Nuts and seeds like sunflower, chia, hemp, pecans, and almonds also add an earthy flavor and texture to boring salads. Oh, and I cannot say it enough, start your day with some abdominal crunches and get your heart pumping!

Summer means staying hydrated. Go for lighter drinks and even make your own. Infuse water with fresh fruit. Make decaf iced tea with your favorite tea bags. Always have a pitcher of something calorie-free, non-carbonated, and decaffeinated waiting for you in the fridge. Try to make sure you refill that pitcher every few days. 

Summer and Activity

Summer means waking up early before it gets too hot outside and taking a walk. Be one of those early morning people a few times this summer. Make sure to appreciate the morning. Start one day early and witness at least one sunrise this summer. You will never forget it. Start your day with some summer inspiration!

Summer means making time for family and friends on the weekends. So many things to do together, like swimming, biking, hiking, visiting. We have been secluded for too long. Make the time to reconnect with family and friends. Surround yourself with those people in your life that support you, encourage you, and want you to live your best life. 

Summer means putting those chores to the side sometimes and enjoy the moment. Summer moves quickly and we don’t want to regret missing those tiny special moments. Some of our best times are a neighbor visit that turns into an evening of fun. 

Summer Spontaneity for your Weight Loss Journey

Summer means being spontaneous. Always be ready. Accept last-minute invites. Increase your activity level every day. Visit with a neighbor, go on a bike ride, or take your pet around the block. Mix it up and keep active. Your body will thank you by sleeping better. 

Summer means new growth, new beginnings, new chances and opportunities to live the life you dream of.  Summer means warmth and sunshine and health. Have a wonderful summer. Be healthy and stay safe!  And maybe end your healthy day watching a sunset!

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Sharon George, MS, RD, CDN received her B.A. in Psychology from Syracuse University. She completed a second Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at L.I.U.C.W. Post and received her Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Hofstra University. She has been published in OH Magazine and Bariatrics Today. Sharon has dedicated her career to Bariatric Nutrition for the past 15 years at the New York Bariatric Group.
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